The Many Reasons Why I Hate Facebook

I do not use facebook except to redirect to my own websites and galleries. Listed are the reasons I dislike it. I will update as necessary.

1. The type is too damn small. I have no problem reading Twitter. Facebook could learn something from them.

2. Ugly, boring, corporate-looking interface. No ability to customize, unlike one’s own blog or website. Even Twitter, for example, allows you to upload your own background and customize your colors, while still maintaining its unmistakable Twitter brand. Facebook could learn something from them.

3. Baffling sign-up process. I first tried to sign up for a site for my business, Silverbeadz, and was completely baffled by it. Then I tried to sign up for my own personal page and connect the two, and…geez…seriously, I’ve been online since 1996, designed, uploaded and maintained my own websites since then, and have navigated through difficult online processes before. Facebook takes the cake.

4. It all seems pointless to me. Why is it trying to be the internet within the internet? Why not just build your own website? Or get a free blog if you can’t do that for lack of technical or financial reasons?

5. Once an item rolls off the first page, it’s extremely hard to find it again. With websites, you can have a search within that website plus menus with topics and subtopics that can help you find an article.

6. Everything you put on facebook belongs to facebook. You cannot delete anything either, unlike your own website, blog or Twitter.

7. “Friending.” It trivializes the true meaning of friend. I get friend requests from people I’ve only dealt with because they’ve purchased something from me in the distant past, and whom I’ve never conversed with more than to write “thank you for your payment.” Are they a friend? No, they are a customer, albeit a happy customer, but not a friend. Maybe they’re not even a happy customer. Maybe they just dumped their entire address book from the past 8 years into some app that sends out friend requests. Maybe they are not even aware who I am, other than just an entry in their address book. I don’t want to have to sort out who I friend and who I do not, so I just don’t use facebook. I also do not want to get into “unfriending,” either as being unfriended or as doing the unfriending. This labeling is childish. I also get friend requests from people I’ve never even dealt with on a business level or even “met” online in some capacity. Who are these people, and why do they want to be my friend? It would be helpful if the person could add a comment, like “I met you at a party back in 1983…I said I liked your artwork…I was wearing the black lace shoulder length gloves and we were the only females there who liked the Sisters of Mercy…do you remember me?” or “I bought a bracelet from you in 2007…do you remember me?” or even “you don’t know me, but we both support Wisconsin’s progressive ideals.” Yeah, that could help (maybe) at least put a face or name or at least ideology to the friend request…

8. It’s really hard to be anonymous. I signed up with a fake account just so I could test certain things not with my “real” account. Now this “test person” is showing up as “a person I may know.” Why? Because “he” visited my site? Well that’s just creepy. That means every time I’m on facebook looking at something, that info is recorded and I may then show up on someone’s facebook page as someone they may know, when I don’t want them to know I’m looking at their page! Yet, at the same time, you can’t actually monitor your visits with a sitemeter counter, for example, like you can with your own website or blog. That way you don’t know where your hits are coming from so you can figure out who’s visiting…or stalking…you. Unless, of course, they show up on the sidebar with a “you may know this person” above their picture.

9. Bits of your DNA scattered throughout the universe. It’s sort of like a Star Trek horror made real. You know, like if the transporter malfunctioned? But this is real. Bits of your identity can show up on all sorts of places on facebook because you “liked” something. That “liking” is inextricably linked to your facebook profile. So if you want to “like” something about orchids, someone visiting the orchid page can click on your name, find your profile, and find you also “like” something about a very liberal hotbutton issue, and, if that person is a right-wing conservative, can then unfriend you or worse. On a traditional blog or website, if you leave a comment, you don’t have to leave your whole identity along with your comment, unless you choose to leave a link to your blog, which would be your choice and not required. Of course, if you create a fake persona, it wouldn’t matter. But most people use their real identities to “connect with friends and family.”

10. Multi-faceted identities. This ties in with #9. Everyone knows we act differently depending on the people we are with. We allow different parts of our personalities to come out depending on whether we are with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, casual acquaintances, whoever. Online, in non-facebook environments, you can choose to mingle with these people and they will never know about the other people in your life if you want it to be that way. Not so with facebook, unless you set your privacy settings on high, or don’t participate in certain facebook pages. But that is hard to do if you are part of the facebook culture. Whatever you say and whatever you like on facebook shows up on your facebook page! If you comment on The Green Bay Packers on someone’s non-facebook blog, it will NOT show up on your own non-facebook blog, so your elitist American football-hating friends will not think poorly of you for that. You can keep that secret cheddarhead part of your identity secret from your English soccer-loving online friends on a real blog. Not so with facebook. Everyone knows everything about you, what you like, what you say, who you friend (unless you know how to set privacy settings, and let’s face it, most people don’t.)

11. It is absurd. You know that “test person” I created to test out certain things on facebook without being logged in as “me?” He got a friend request! Yes, my fake person and the “friender” do share a last name. But he is fake! He cannot be the person’s relative! Oh look, that person shares a (fairly common) last name! Let’s friend them! Look, that person likes organic gardening! Let’s friend them! Hey, she also likes Trader Joe’s! Friend request! WTF.

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15 thoughts on “The Many Reasons Why I Hate Facebook

  1. I still have no interest in face book and all of these things make me even less interested.

    I didn’t know you couldn’t delete your own material.

  2. Nope. Can’t find a way to delete anything, unlike my other sites or twitter. Once you post, facebook owns it. Once you “like” something, you’re on record, forever, for having liked it. Not that anyone would necessarily see it once it gets pushed back by future entries, but it is there.

    Oh, and directly from facebook: “Once you add friends on Facebook, anything they post will appear here” (on your “friends’ links” page). So if you have a relative that you “friended” that likes some despicable infamous person, for example, that will show on your links page. Charming, isn’t it?

  3. This is like the opposite of Karma. It’s like there is no progress for anyone. They can never change and if they do their previous self is there to pull them back in. I can think of plenty of music albums that I once “liked” and hope now to never hear again. Thank you for reminding me not to create a static self image. We change every micro moment and are constantly becoming someone else as we live and that the way it should be.

  4. Yes, and that is the irony of it the fact that it is so static! Web 2.0 is supposed to be dynamic, not static. One can call our websites that sell cactus and jewelry Web 1.0 because there is no interoperability between user and site…users can’t create their own content. And you know what? That’s fine with me. But…facebook has its limit on content creation too! You can’t style the page to your liking, you can’t delete content once you add it…you’re forced to have ads on your page…

    Anyway, I started out with a better comment response, but the birdcam I was watching caused Safari to quit on me, losing my comment, so…anyway…I think you get my point.

  5. And the blue and grey color scheme? Reminds me too much of jobs I’ve had. Not that they were bad places to work…it’s not like Alistair video. But blue and grey? That’s so corporate. You feel like you’re at a corporate site and you better vote republican and toe the party line.

  6. Blue and Grey Hey? How very civil war of them. I suppose they are just sticking to some conceptual model of business colors.

  7. Oh gosh, I didn’t even think of the civil war colors! How sesquicentennial! 😀 Hmmm…maybe I better change the background of this blog then…red is the new grey. Go blue union!

  8. I am a facebook addict, and I admit freely that I agree with everything you are saying. They type IS too small and I have to zoom the page. You can’t modify it in any way. There are many other things about it I don’t like either. BUT all of my friends and family use facebook, and its how I keep tabs on my teenage daughter. I gave up the games because they took up an insane amount of time. There has to be something better. Even my old blogger friends abandoned their blogs for facebook! For instant gratification. I ignore friend requests- I carefully selected all the people on my page, and will block them if I have too. I thought of going back to but it changed its awesome layout to look just like facebook! >< Everyone I know on facebook also hates facebook…. and I don't tweet…. never even tried it. sorry I didn't mean to vomit on y'all… hi! how have y'all been?! Ida been back sooner, but this vortex of evil, facebook, has been holding me prisoner…

  9. Oh and another thing- I find I can’t post what I would on a blog! I like to talk… I ramble. But to fb- you got to condense everything to 250 char! Whats up with that!? If I make a note, no one will read it because they are lazy. And I can’t talk about personal things, because people are so weird… idk…

  10. Hey, can I share your protest stuff on that evil site? I have friends who may appreciate it. I am opening my old wordpress blog back up. 😀

  11. Hi Dawn! No, you didn’t vomit! I’ve been busy keeping up on what’s happening in my state politics and making posters…sort of as therapy after having lost one of my closest friends this year. You’re welcome to share my protest stuff on the evil site!

    “I gave up the games because they took up an insane amount of time. ”
    I didn’t even mention the games because I admit I know nothing about them. 😀 I know they exist, but that’s it.

    I guess I’m not much of an instant gratification person…I’m used to waiting for everything! I’d rather futz with a design for a blog for ages than use something that’s quick.

    Most my friends don’t even do blogs or facebook, but I have inlaws who do facebook and they’re all excited about it but they won’t visit my blog, so… whatever. Or maybe they did, but my politics scared them off! 😀

    I never thought I’d be tweeting, but during the start of the protests here in Madison, I found it very useful, because so many people would have info before it got to the press. The press has been pathetic covering our grassroots revolution here. Yeah, sometimes I can’t post something within 140 characters or less, so I’ll just abandon the idea or post to my blog instead. But otherwise, I like Twitter. I didn’t realize FB had a 250 char limit? I thought if you write more than 250, they just put a “read more” link to the rest of your post? That’s what they did with my “please visit my other sites” entry.

  12. Oh its 420 characters or you have to make a note. I could use twitter, but that’s one more thing to get addicted to! I forgot y’all lived in Wisconsin…. its crazy everything happening right now. I think they are secretly planning a holocaust or something. Someone made the mistake of introducing me to the book 1984! Yeah… I can’t sleep at night… I lay awake worrying about our country’s future.

  13. It sure seems like the republicans have it in for poor people, people in unions, old people on medicare, women, minorities, children…heck, everyone who isn’t rich, white and male.

  14. You noticed that, too? Michigan closing the ONLY school for pregnant teens in the nation, and then arresting them for protesting… which is there legal right…. Corruption in the name of capitalism is still corruption. Reopened my blog but haven’t put a post together yet. Prolly going to take some fun links from fb and mash something interesting together.

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