Artisteer 3.0

Artisteer 3.0 just came out the other day. This version allows for fluid width, and editability so you can create actual web pages directly in the program, instead of saving out a template and editing in BBEdit or another text editing program.

I mean how freakin’ awesome is that? How I would’ve loved that when I discovered the program over a year ago, or at any time when my method was a text editor program after PageMill ceased to exist and didn’t work with CSS.

The irony is that now that I’m doing most of my sites via WordPress (with a few exceptions like my jewelry site on eyebalm which is all set up and maintenance just involves editing pre-existing pages), I don’t really need a WYSIWYG page editor anymore. Yes, Artister was and will always be so valuable for creating the actual layout. You don’t know how tired I was with trying to figure out CSS by myself when code is really not my thang. But…I just don’t need a traditional static web page WYSIWYG editor. Maybe I will…who knows. I might have to redo Biota’s site some day, which I just redid a couple years ago using Freeway which just seemed to bungle up revisions was a bit awkward all around. So I’m still glad they made those changes. But, like so many things I really want and need and don’t have in terms of software design, the features finally get implemented after the need for them. Oh well.

So I’ll probably be working on a redesign for this site because it looks like 3.0 might handle vertical menus a little better…I hope anyway. I always have such difficulty whenever I install a theme…all my sidebar widgets disappear. I’m going to try to keep them by uploading the new theme but not installing it, keeping this one as the default, adding a theme switcher, and then trying it. I’m hoping that is the trick. If not, be prepared for some funkiness in the following days and weeks.

Check this link for more information about Artisteer 3.0

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