Pretty Little Bird Cams

If the birdcams I mentioned earlier were a bit on the muted-tone side, I’ve got some treats for you:

  • Hummingbird Nest Cam: This little bird is in California, and the setting is a colorful rose garden. The bird made its nest directly on a rosebush stem! That also gives some perspective on the tiny size of the bird.
  • Purple Martin Nest Cam: If you catch it at the right time, like I did the other day but not so much this morning, you’ll see a bunch of dark blue and purple iridescent birds flying around the elaborate nest structure.
  • Eastern Blue Bird Nest Box: OK, I know it looks a little muted, but they are bluebirds. Maybe when the light hits it right, there’ll be more color. I watched it Sunday morning and saw the mother preparing to lay an egg. An hour later…there it was! Then, on Monday morning, I tuned in for a moment and noticed the other was squatting down again like she did on Sunday. I came back an hour later again, and there were 3 eggs!

Many of the bird cams have pre-recorded video of interesting events that occurred in the past that you can watch as well.

Tomorrow: More eagles!

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