The Decorah eagles is probably the most popular birdcam right now. I’ve been watching it since before the 2nd egg hatched. But it is not the only one out there.

Here is a list of other bird of prey webcams that I’ve found:

  • Duke Farm Eagle Cam: This eaglecam is located in New Jersey. Its two eaglets are probably about a week younger than the Decorahs, so right now they’re still pretty cute.
  • The Franklin Institute Hawk Nest: A hawk couple built a nest outside a window at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. This is fascinating to watch, just to see all the cars go by below. Looks like all of the eggs have hatched…they’re cute white fluffy things!
  • BRIperegrinecam: I remember when I lived in Colorado in the 1970s-80s, saving the Peregrine falcon was a big thing. I think they built their nests on ledges on the skyscrapers in Denver. I guess they kept the pigeon population down. Mmm…squab. This Peregrine nest is in Maine.

Tomorrow: no birds.

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