Fun with Themes!

Since I got the latest Artisteer 3.0 I’ve been looking at all the new features and decided to redo this design.

I didn’t have too many problems…either Artisteer 3.0 or WordPress 1.1 handle the custom menu a little differently, so I had to put that back in place, plus I had to mess with the contents of the footer some. I also futzed with the original design a bit (nothing major…mostly adding leading and some minor type enlargement) and am in the process of adding a few more themes. I added the Theme Switcher back in the sidebar (lower left), so you can change the themes in this site to whatever color fits your mood. As of this entry, I only have 2 of my own so far, the Original Design, which is probably what you are reading now, and Nectarine Fog. I also left WordPress’s default theme, TwentyTen, in there, which is just wrong, but maybe some people like stark black text on glaring white backgrounds, or maybe some people just detest my art, in which case they shouldn’t be reading this anyway, right?

Having fun with transparencies, which Artisteer does really well. Should have more themes as time goes by.

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Painter, jewelry-maker, graphic designer, dingbat font creator, imagineer, progressive, liberal, Wisconsinite by birth and later by choice, dog and cat mom, sushi-lover and foodie.

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