Foreign Birdcams

Here are some birdcams I found that are not in the US. Some may be in a language other than English, so the statistics and details may be unreadable for many English-speaking viewers. They are nonetheless interesting to tune in on.

  • Turmfalke: I don’t know what it is (a kind of hawk?), but it’s cute!
  • Mezencam // Great tit nesting cam: Some kind of titmouse? Again, awfully cute!
  • stork-nest-lithuania: What it is…a stork in Lithuania!
  • CorkNest: This one comes form Ireland and has another “tit” which I assume is what we call a “titmouse”? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong…I’m not an ornithologist. It’s awfully cute, though. I tuned in on Tuesday and it was looking right at the camera. Too darling.
  • Cassette nido cincie e torcicollo/ Nest box: Don’t know what it is. Channel is frequently offline, but it shows a cute video of mother feeding its young.
  • White Storks from Warszewo CAM1: More storks! This time from Poland.

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