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May 2011
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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Traveling Dream

Very strange dream where I was taken to another city by some women I didn’t know.
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Illogical DREAM

I wish I could’ve written this down when I woke up in the middle of the night because I could remember it easier, unfortunately, it was much better to stay in bed than to get up at that time.

I dreamt Stan and I were at my parent’s house. Both my mom and dad were there. Stan and I were getting ready to go somewhere, and I thought I should call Tim to let him know we were ready if he wanted to come with us. I was going to call him on his cellphone because I knew he was still at work and I wouldn’t be able to reach him at home, but then realized I didn’t have his cellphone number stored on our cellphone.

OK, HOLD ON. WTF. This is wrong on so many levels.
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Dog Intelligence

Yesterday we went to the pet store and got the dogs a toy that was an apple and a worm attached together with a string, except the apple looks more like a bagel/donut, and the worm looks like a fat green sausage that sticks through the hole. Yeah, I know, very sexual, but that’s beside the point.
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Grandmabeth’s Bulldogges

This one is quite the interactive puppycam…Pascaleena, the mother bulldog, is owned by a lady in Minnesota who actively participates in the live stream. She monitors the conversations on the chat and verbally responds to questions about the pups.

Another Tim Dream

A very brief dream with Tim that happened between long bouts of insomnia last night.
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And Yet More Dumplingness!

If I didn’t have a Boston and a Pug snuggling on either side of me right now, I think I’d just have shoot myself for lack of dumplingness.

The Dumplingness! The Dumplingness!


Can’t Get Enough of Hummers

Babies named Dandy and Lion.

Another Death in the Family: Blondie

Not as tragic as a human or pet (and I count Tim as family), but our blond smokebush got winterkill.
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Scout Fledged and New Egg!

I missed it…it would’ve been amazing to catch it live, but here’s the video:

Also, while Scout was growing up and spending some time alone on that nest, Mom Phoebe was busy…now she’s got a new egg on another nest. See the live feed here.

Dream with Tim

I dreamt I was in an old house/apartment, sort of like the one we lived in on Main Street, except it was on a 2nd floor, and the walls were sort of a salmony-hot pink.
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Trust Your Mechanic?

A mechanic would not tell a car owner to check under the hood to make sure the transmission is installed correctly and to fiddle with some knobs. However that is what tech support will routinely do when an application isn’t working as it should. Tell the Mac owner to open up the Terminal and enter some code. Now for those who don’t know, the Terminal is a scary place because it is not WYSIWYG. It’s code and commands. It’s the reason some of us of a certain age DID NOT get into computers when we were going to college. It is because those very same people, the Humanities majors, went “WOW!” when we first discovered Macs and its GUI back in the 80s and 90s, which…had no such thing as a terminal. It is why other Mac users who were not in the above Humanities majors category, and who were more technically inclined, had orgasms when OS X came out, built on Unix, because it had a Terminal.

So I had a little software issue recently, and tech support told me to enter some gobbldeygook into the Terminal, which didn’t work, and my heart was racing for fear of wiping out my hard drive. Yes, I backed up with Time Machine right before I did it, just to be safe. AFAIK, my computer is ok. I tried installing the software again, and this time it worked. I don’t know why it didn’t before. Geez.

French Bulldog Puppycam! Yes!

They are just too expensive for us, but I would love to have one if I could (when I get that house with an arboretum yard in the country, Lenny). Lots of times they look like the offspring of our Pug & Boston. These babies are still in the sausage phase and look like practically any pup (they were just born on Stan’s birthday), but soon their Frenchie look will come out and they will be adorable!

Too Bad, Didn’t Get Your Stupid Gossip Fix Here

People come here for the weirdest crap sometimes. I mentioned M@ri@ S#r!ver & @#nold in a post from nearly 3 years ago, and that old page gets visits because of the latest @ff@!r gossip.
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We have some kind of nuthatch coming to our feeder once in a while. Actually they like the wire feeder…(can we put that somewhere???) cause I haven’t seen them lately…

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