Just Goes to Show It’s All Random

So last month I sent an order to Italy. Buyer never receives it, writes me, asks when it will be arriving, I respond, telling her to check her post office because it is probably in customs, and that sometimes it takes quite a long time, like a month overseas. She never got my response, so a few weeks after that she leaves me six negs.

I took it amazingly well. That was Monday night. I feared business would drop off after that, even though I know people still get business if they have negatives. It’s all in the manner the recipient of the neg handles it. If you fly off the handle and call the buyer bad names, that reflects more on you than it does them. I simply responded by telling her I told her to check her post office in the message I sent her, and asking her if she did not receive my message…words to that effect. Business did not drop off, in fact ebay-wise, it’s been fab.

As these things usually happen, she received the items this past Friday. She wrote me and apologized for leaving the negs and asked if she could revise them. I submitted the form through ebay and she changed the negs to positives. And wouldn’t you know it, now that I don’t have negs…business has sucked these past couple days.

It’s all random. Nothing matters.

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2 thoughts on “Just Goes to Show It’s All Random

  1. I’m really impressed that she told you that she got the items, especially after having been so bent out of shape about thinking she wasn’t going to get them.

  2. Yeah, I’m glad she did too.

    The irony is that business was good those few days I had the negs! Go figure. I guess if it happens again (and it will because even though this woman was honest, there are crazy people out there!) I will have had my “Training Negs” as an experience.

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