I Declare Today…

May 18th, “I’m Pissed at Geeks” Day.

I hate that they think everyone thinks like them, and geeky codey crap is obvious to the rest of us. If it’s not obvious to me, how on earth can it be obvious to someone with even less computer experience than me?

I hate that they are so binary-minded, (a very Aspergers thing) and they can’t differentiate nuance. The world is colorful, not black and white. I am not a 0 or a 1. I am neither winner nor loser.

I hate that there are so many of them who are Libertarian Ayn Rand lovers.

I hate that they can’t write a manual on how to use the damn stuff, especially with visual examples. Your code crap doesn’t mean shit to me. Please give me a picture to understand.

I guess I’m just having a bad day, and fear the horror show future world of selfish Ayn Rand Asperger computer programmers who think visual-thinking progressives with liberal educations are the ones who have the mental problems. BBC was interviewing Bill Gates this morning. I hate his voice. And I hate his politics. Yes, it’s nice he’s a philanthropist, but seriously, so much of what he does SHOULD be provided by the government, and other rich people like him who aren’t as philanthropic should be taxed more.

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