Trust Your Mechanic?

A mechanic would not tell a car owner to check under the hood to make sure the transmission is installed correctly and to fiddle with some knobs. However that is what tech support will routinely do when an application isn’t working as it should. Tell the Mac owner to open up the Terminal and enter some code. Now for those who don’t know, the Terminal is a scary place because it is not WYSIWYG. It’s code and commands. It’s the reason some of us of a certain age DID NOT get into computers when we were going to college. It is because those very same people, the Humanities majors, went “WOW!” when we first discovered Macs and its GUI back in the 80s and 90s, which…had no such thing as a terminal. It is why other Mac users who were not in the above Humanities majors category, and who were more technically inclined, had orgasms when OS X came out, built on Unix, because it had a Terminal.

So I had a little software issue recently, and tech support told me to enter some gobbldeygook into the Terminal, which didn’t work, and my heart was racing for fear of wiping out my hard drive. Yes, I backed up with Time Machine right before I did it, just to be safe. AFAIK, my computer is ok. I tried installing the software again, and this time it worked. I don’t know why it didn’t before. Geez.

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4 thoughts on “Trust Your Mechanic?

  1. Just wait, in the near future that will be how customer service works in the auto industry too. Cars are becoming more and more like computers, and Ford etc… will be sending codes to enter by email to customers having problems with the new cars they buy. Of course it will be so long before we could by a car like this used, so we won’t have to worry too much.

  2. The horror. So you’ll have nerdmechanics. Telling us to open the terminal on our car computer and enter codeycrap. So you’ll have the anxiety of dealing with both computers and mechanics. Wonderful. And those of ungeeks will have our cars breakdown on the highway because we didn’t enter the code correctly. I can’t wait for the future, but yeah, good thing we’re poor so we’ll still have to use traditional mechanics and tow trucks.

  3. We’ll be calling tow trucks while most people are riding in cars that drive themselves while the enter codeycrap into the car’s terminal. Maybe other helpful drivers will pull over and share their codeycrap with us. When we tell them the car is too old to have a terminal they will look at us like we are from another planet.

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