And Yet More Dumplingness!

If I didn’t have a Boston and a Pug snuggling on either side of me right now, I think I’d just have shoot myself for lack of dumplingness.

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5 thoughts on “And Yet More Dumplingness!

  1. Hi! I’m from Broken Arrow, OK, and I stumbled onto your site – well, not sure how? I’m on Twitter for my company and read a millions tweets per day, and somehow I ended here – that was yesterday! So somebody tweeted about you. My sister in Dallas is watching now, too. These guys are SOOOOOO cute! We’ve always loved bulldogs. We have a 10-yr-old Boston Terrier and a 2-yr-old Boston/Jack Russell mix (shelter dog.) Thanks for sharing the dumplingness!! How old are they and are they boys or girls? Where are you?

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Didn’t mean to confuse…these aren’t my dogs, but puppycams I found on The actual “official” URL for this particular webcam is—the-bullpen. You can find more information there about the dogs, and if you do a search on that site you can find more dog/puppycams too.

    I do have two dogs–a Pug (Lucifer Sam, 8 yrs) and a Boston Terrier (Jasper, 1 yr). They’re in the pictures at the top of the page. Bulldogs are a little too much for us $-wise and spacewise, but I would love to have one if I were able to.

  3. Hey, Ann – Well, they’re certainly entertaining. I also meant to tell you – LOVE your art! Fractals are my favorite! Will have to peruse your site more closely when I’m not working! Thanks for responding!

  4. Thank you!

    I bet your Boston and Boston/Russell mix are a handful! Our Boston certainly is. The Pug is a little more subdued.

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