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May 2011
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Another Tim Dream

A very brief dream with Tim that happened between long bouts of insomnia last night.

I was in Tim’s apartment, and Tim was there, alive and healthy. He was sitting on his bed in a bedroom that was very small and awful, sort of like the hideous wood-paneled bedroom Stan had the first semester of his last year in college at Foxfire except with no windows. In this reality, Tim’s twin sister had died. IRL, Tim never got along well with either of his two sisters, and I’m sure after he died they were quite the buzzards circling around his possessions as they were even starting to do so after he had the stroke in 2003. IMHO, his parents spoiled the girls, giving them expensive weddings, cars and such. Come to think of it, most girls I’ve known got that sort of treatment, except me. I never got squat, yet I digress. Back to the dream. I was asking Tim if he was going to go to his sister’s funeral. He said “Naaah,” in the way that Tim did.

5 Responses to Another Tim Dream

  • Stan says:

    That’s a really great dream. I guess we’ll miss the funeral too.

  • Ann says:

    Umm…a sentence up there reads like you attended a college called Foxfire. My bad. Should say something like when you lived at that Foxfire dump when you attended CSU or some such.

  • Stan says:

    Foxfire educated me well? Well? It is a funny dream and I like it a lot.

  • Stan says:

    I have a lot of empathy for Tim not being close to his twin sister IRL, and it is strange that sisters (most of them) seem as though they don’t care at all about a brother. I suppose it works both ways sooner or later and I can relate to Tim not going to a sister’s funeral.

  • Ann says:

    Yeah, Tim definitely won’t go to his sister’s funeral when she dies.

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