Dog Intelligence

Yesterday we went to the pet store and got the dogs a toy that was an apple and a worm attached together with a string, except the apple looks more like a bagel/donut, and the worm looks like a fat green sausage that sticks through the hole. Yeah, I know, very sexual, but that’s beside the point.

So we give it to the dogs when we get back and IMMEDIATELY they start playing tug-of-war with it and the string breaks, tearing some of the worm fabric (worm fabric…odd mental image). Stan sews the fabric back together, but removes the string because they’ll just repeat the process over again. [[OK, I know someone out there who can’t get out of the 19th century is thinking “your husband sews?” Yes, churchlady, be thankful you can see to sew, ok? because I can’t. There, feel better now?]] So now we have two separate toys, a worm-sausage and a apple-bagel. But the weirdest thing, Jasper is playing with them together, putting them next to each other, like he knows they belong together! It’s just so cute!

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  1. I think Lucifer Sam thought the toy was his and Jasper thinks all toys belong to him, so they both had to have it. Silly dogs.

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