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June 2011
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Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Evolution of a Pet Word

The newest verb in our house is “Schmoofer.” As in:

“Jasper is schmoofering away somewhere.”

“Jasper schmoofered himself upstairs.”
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Here’s My Answers to the Republican’s Silly Questions

I didn’t watch the debate. Why would I? But I saw some recaps on the news this morning, including some silly pop culture questions in a “what’s your favorite color” sort of vein. I thought I’d answer those myself. Continue reading

Diet Aid

Here’s an amazing breakthrough for dieters! Guaranteed to curb morning hunger! It’s not easy or pleasant, but it it is guaranteed to take the edge off a hungry tummy. It works best for homeowners since you have control over your yard and your non-human family:
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Awful Dreams

In the first part of the dream, I was with Stan, and we were gathering up a bunch of birds and caterpillars and putting them in a cage together. The caterpillars weren’t for the birds to eat, but as pets, just like the birds were. Continue reading

Disney Witch Alert

I swear, it must be a disease or genetics. And why must they be the bane of my existence? Continue reading

DREAM: Bad Beginning, Good Ending

I dreamt I was sitting at a bar with Stan and someone we used to know came over to talk to us and told us the company he was working for was hiring and that I might be interested in applying for a job (sorry, The Circus doesn’t interest me –rimshot–). Continue reading

Restroom DREAM

I can’t remember much of the dream other than I was in a building that was either a school or church or combination. It was a very old building, maybe 100 years or so. I needed to use the bathroom. There were about 2-4 stalls, but although there were individual doors, inside the dividers were down so you could see other people. Also, the structures weren’t made of metal, but wood. I was trying to find the stall that had the least amount of exposure to other people who might be there. It was difficult.

DREAM with Stupid Performance

I was younger. I was planning on spending the night at someone’s house, like a sleepover. I don’t know whose house. But I had to go downtown first.
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