Disney Witch Alert

I swear, it must be a disease or genetics. And why must they be the bane of my existence? Got a kooky customer again. Actually, this time not on my main ebay account, thank goodness. Just on my “second” account which I sell from occasionally. Still, it sucks. They always insist they’re right. This one actually told me to check my records. But did she actually check hers? Of course not. They’re perfect. They never make mistakes.

No, witch, you did not pay me. Check YOUR records. Why do you think you had to mark it paid yourself? If you had paid through PayPal, it would have been marked automatically. Geez, you’re dumb. Inhaling too much magical fairy dust? And I don’t mean the drug kind. I mean the crazy kind, the kind which causes some women to appropriate “magickal” nicknames like “incaprincess” or “celticqueen” or “gypsygoddess” or “faeriewitch”. Formulaic. And you know, it would be ok if they were like…eight. But no. These are adults. And unfortunately, as a seller of things like beads and jewelry, and as an artist, I am more likely to deal with them than say a lab technician or a city planner. And when I get someone with a username like one of the above, up pops a mental **RED FLAG** as they are more often to be problematic or difficult than someone with a name like “trishr239” or “loveshorses47” or “travelinterry” (just pulled those off the top of my head…i am not aware if they belong to anyone…but I can guarandamntee you the “magickal” names do).


She finally paid! Ok, you know how I was saying those names are so formulaic. Let’s just pretend that her ebay name was “elfinprincess.” Well, her email name was right along the same alley…”elfwytch!” (those aren’t her real names…but a reasonable facsimile to show my point of predictability and formula)

This is why I hate Fantasy Incorporated. Can’t they fantasize about other things other than witches and faeries and princesses and magical goddesses and corny medieval Arthurian shit? Life was TRULY HELL in those ancient times. Of course they would argue that it is indeed fantasy and that they’re not fantasizing about the bad stuff. But that’s my point exactly. Why fantasize about it at all? If the point is fantasy, then fantasy is open to anything, not just that small segment of place and time.

I will always fail to understand that culture.


Oh wait, it gets better!

In her PayPal payment information, she has her URL (which you can do with a business account, which I don’t have…cause I think it costs more for negligible benefits). And what is her url? http://herfairybusiness.com? No, she has it as http://Her Fairy Business ! Yes, that will get people to your door. Screwing up URL syntax is always a good move.

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  1. I’m sorry you have customers who don’t pay and say they did. I think the dw disorder has to be related to some real mental illness. It wouldn’t be so bad to deal with them if they weren’t so self assured that they are always right.

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