Awful Dreams

In the first part of the dream, I was with Stan, and we were gathering up a bunch of birds and caterpillars and putting them in a cage together. The caterpillars weren’t for the birds to eat, but as pets, just like the birds were. Some of the birds were extremely tiny, like the size of insects. Others were the size of small parrots. I later looked in the cage and saw hermit crabs and crayfish. I asked Stan if they should all be separated because wouldn’t the birds eat the caterpillars? Some of the caterpillars were starting to build coccoons, and I found that removing them would be difficult at that point. Stan said it wouldn’t matter. Then I asked them weren’t there too many birds in that small cage and he said they’d be fine. I knew he was wrong, but there was no one to help me remove some of them. They were actually escaping on their own. Jasper saw this happening and he started attacking one of the birds…a small parrot or more like a large budgie… with beautiful blue and green and yellow coloring. Actually, it was kind of like a cockatiel with parrot and budgie-like coloring. Jasper was grabbing it with his teeth and holding on to it. I tried to grab it from him and couldn’t get it. I finally was able to distract the dog long enough to get the bird. I carried the bird into another room (we weren’t in our house, but some public building like classroom done up in dark neutral tones with plush furniture…very modern). Jasper kept jumping up and biting at me and the bird. He was jumping higher than any Boston Terrier could. I was so worried that the bird was hurt.

I woke up and went back to sleep, but unfortunately I continued into the same bad dream path in the same building, except this time it was like an actual school setting with real students. Everyone was a different age, but I don’t think there were children. We were all taking a test and I didn’t know the answers very well. Later, we had to find a place to sit, and I was having a problem finding somewhere that wasn’t behind some very tall (1970s-looking…kind of semi-skanky Heart-listener types) young women. Later, they started handing out the tests we had taken, but they were allowing other students to hand out the tests so that everyone could see everyone else’s grades. It took forever for me to get my test back; I could see it was on the bottom of the stack…with a lot of marks on it, meaning I didn’t do too well. But before I could get it, some complete ass grabs it and starts making fun of it and me, saying stupid things like “Ann got a bad grade!” The grade was a 60, which wasn’t out of 100 but out of something less, like 80 or something, which would make it a 75, which is average, not exactly something to ridicule…it wasn’t failing, and even if it was out of 100, a 60 is still above failing. And anyway, so what? Now as to the ass…I have no idea who it was. He looked like a wealthy old woman at first, but then mutated into someone who resembled Keith Haring. I called him Werner, and the only Werner I know is the husband of a friend of my mom’s. I was also insulting him with Republican slurs. I was chasing him around the building calling him names and trying to get my test paper back. I was really pissed and cussing at this bastard. I might have even been getting violent, as when I woke up, I was flailing and breathing loudly.

A little IRL aside: The RL Werner is (R) and they support Walker’s evil deeds. (They live in Wisconsin) I find this sad that they do not see how he is destroying our state, and my mom finds it sad too. OTOH, my mom has a friend in Milwaukee who totally understands me and Stan’s protesting, as she believes Walker does not have the brains to be where he is. Having lived in Milwaukee, she surely sees the damage he did to that county as County Exec. She also has an advanced degree in psychology, so I think she knows what she’s talking about. Yet I digress. The IRL Werner does not look anything like this Werner guy in my dream. So the name and Republican is the only similarities. So I don’t think it was him. Who was he though, I’m not sure. He acted very gay (in a bad way…I know it’s politically incorrect to say that, but you know how some gay guys are just nasty bitchy? I really hate that affectation of bitchiness…I don’t care what your sexual orientation is), which might explain a Keith Haring resemblance.

Very odd.

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  1. Sorry about the awful dreams. Next time you tell me not to put pets together I really need to listen.

    Too much republican caused stress.

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