OK, let me get this straight…I didn’t watch the trial, I just heard recounts of it on the news periodically. So your kid drowns in a swimming pool and you don’t call 911? WTF? You know, they can revive people after they have drowned. OK, let’s assume the kid was beyond dead…unrevivable (is that a word?). Negligent mom is afraid that if she calls 911, she’ll be arrested for child endangerment or whatever because obviously she wasn’t watching the kid or else she’d be there to call 911 as soon as the kid is in trouble in the pool. So she quickly puts together a plan…let’s make it look like someone kidnapped and killed the kid so she won’t get in trouble for being a negligent mother (because whether she is a murderer or not…she is a negligent mother for not watching such a young child like that around a swimming pool. It’s not like her daughter was 9 or so. She was a toddler. So she puts duct tape on her mouth–to make it look like someone murdered her–and leaves her body in a swamp…you know, to look like a murder. Because it would be better if it looked like a murder instead of an accidental drowning. I’m just trying to get my head around this.

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  1. mental illness is difficult for everyone – I’m at a loss on why the mom isn’t ordered by the court to seek mental help

  2. And ironically, we just had three young children in two different/unrelated cases (but the alleged killers lived across the street from eachother!) here in Madison die today from murder and/or child abuse.

    Just so wrong.

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