Damn Squirrels

They just don’t get it. They are so single-minded. They keep pursuing the same potted plants over and over. There is never a nut there. It’s only soil and plants. There is nothing there for them. It is futile, but they keep coming back, day after day. Squirrel-away doesn’t deter them, if only for a while. Once the rain washes it all away, they come back again. And again. What is their problem? You’d think they’d have an extinction burst where they busily dig in my pots and then realize, “This is bullshit!” and then leave, once and forever.

Squirrel bafflers like sparkly pinwheels don’t seem to phase them much either. It’s like they’re not even animals with a brain. It’s like they’re a robot bent on destruction, bent on doing the same thing over and over with no reward.

Sure, they’re cute, but…

I want them to leave my plants alone.

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5 thoughts on “Damn Squirrels

  1. Single-minded is highly over rated and people who have that gift are often exploited by others who deploy them to do dirty work they would never choose to do if they weren’t single-minded. Single-minded it the mentality of the mass of men who die before they get old from stress related illnesses. Single-minded is the lack of a “bullshit” detector and this lack allows the single-minded to go along with murderous dictators. Single-minded is the bully who goes after their target with destructive reductive analysis day after day after day, and never realize the harm they cause themselves too. Single-minded is not a virtue it is a mental illness. Single-minded leads to mass harm.

    Poor dumb squirrels, born and breed for flicking tails.

  2. I guess the single-mindedness played a part in evolution. Some of the species pursued something over and over, and sometimes they’d get lucky, while other species (or others in the same species) were more able to look around and try new things and evolve. I guess there’s a place for the single-mnded persevering rodent but not in my damn yard either. Of course weather is doing more destruction to our crops this year than any varmint could.

  3. Ehw. What’s that? I don’t know dear.
    But it is alive. It seems friendly though.
    Aw look it’s curled up. How cute oh
    no. Maybe we can take it home it doesn’t
    seem to have any. Oh yes let’s. But
    no! No matter how appealing do not let
    strange creature in you house. We all
    know strange creatures are on the increase.
    Many of them do seem furry and adorable,
    but beware we don’t know from whence
    they came. Be safe. Be safe. Report
    strange incidences today.

    What gets me is they sit there atop the fence staring at you or your pets, doing that “tsk tsk tsk” as if in disapproval of all that you are and do. Maybe it’s just a warning signal to go away. Well why don’t THEY go away then?


  4. Yes. I found a script online. I thought the quote was different, like “Some creatures may appear friendly, but do not let them into your house.” Who knows.

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