Hot Dreams

I keep dreaming that it is too hot to watch movies. There is steam in the air and water condensing on floors, walls and people too. It’s like everything should be turning rusty colors of brown – like roast beef cooking in an oven or metal rusting on cars. Actually, the cars are rusting, but the trees and grass are green, and there are even beautiful flowers blooming every day. Wait, I’m not dreaming – it’s Wisconsin with global warming.

3 thoughts on “Hot Dreams

  1. The basement is Stan’s lair with cactus supplies and plastic buckets and a wet floor and a set of stairs that is scary, so it’s extremely unusable except in the case of tornados, which is extremely uncomfortable because I have to sit on a bucket and it’s no fun and crowded with cat litter pans and ick.

    We have a window unit which prevents us from dying. No central air.

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