Lies About Me Online

OOOoooh…made ya look. Seedy blogwars and catfights?

Um, actually no.

Just a kvetch about those stupid sites that have access to information about certain consumer patterns about people and make you pay to get even MORE information on that person, which might be worth it if you’re the stalker kind, or if you just want to check up on your daughter’s boyfriend.

Except much of the free “teaser” information they do give about you is patently false. How would I know that the paid information isn’t just as false?

For example, here’s some of the falsities attributed to me on one of those sites:

I am a protestant
My husband is Stan Stretton
I drive a truck
My name is Ann Starbuck
I am a Pisces
I have lived at my current house for 15 years.
A third member of our household is identified as “P Starbuck” with a questionmark for gender. (Persephone Starbuck? Plato Starbuck? Pet Starbuck?)
I enjoy retail shopping

He is a manager
He is a Cancer

To be fair, some of the information is right. They’re correct that I’m a pet owner. They’re right that I like gardening. But…that’s about it.


Their consumer intelligence isn’t very intelligent.

About Ann

Painter, jewelry-maker, graphic designer, dingbat font creator, imagineer, progressive, liberal, Wisconsinite by birth and later by choice, dog and cat mom, sushi-lover and foodie.

7 thoughts on “Lies About Me Online

  1. It’s different enough to be someone other than me all together. It is comforting to know that if your father wants to look up information on me, he will eventually have to face the reality that if he wants the real facts he will actually have to talk with me as a real person. I suppose if your father wanted to know all of this stuff while we were still dating he would have asked these questions back then. By now it must not matter – who is this P Starbuck…. one of my dead uncles?

  2. You mean you don’t enjoy retail shopping? Wow, where can I meet this anti-shopping girls club to which you belong? Guys would like to know~

    I heard about those things that they on purpose put wrong information about you, like put you down as a Democrat when you’re a Repub for eample just to get you POd so that you contact them and then they make you fill out accurate infomration so that they then have that real information on you! What a scam!

  3. Stan: Uncle Paul?

    I don’t think my parents got their panties in a twist about you the way some parents do about their precious princess’s boyfriends. Which is weird considering they were quite different when I was a child as far as being concerned about me and my friends. When I was older I don’t think they cared.

    Leon: The club doesn’t exist due to insufficient membership.

    I do like shopping for plants though. 🙂

  4. Ever since I was a student I have been fascinated by the theoretical limits of the mind. What starts out as triumph soon becomes corroded into a dialectic of temptation, leaving only a sense of chaos and the prospect of a new reality.

  5. I am tempted to write something to TM but those wistful eyes of that blue creature hold me back.

    Can’t be snarky to cute blue unicorns—it’s just inhumane.

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