Dark Magenta Coleus with Small Leaves, Summer 2011

Coleus by ann-s-thesia
Coleus, a photo by ann-s-thesia on Flickr.

This one is more of a trailing variety with small leaves that go from maroon inside, to magenta outside to even white along the border. Very unusual.

Closeup inside.


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8 thoughts on “Dark Magenta Coleus with Small Leaves, Summer 2011

  1. We’ve had a few trailing plants before this one, and they never seem to do that well. I’m not sure what we are doing right with this one, but it is thriving. This one has very painterly leaves and lots of asymmetry.

  2. Get out! :elaineshove:

    And you found one with that geriatric mid-century modern humor, too!

    You are a sick man, Mr. P., a sick, sick man. 😆 :mrgreen:

  3. And can someone explain to me why it “STAYS on everyone’s desk?” Why would it stay? Are people afraid of it?

    That website makes me feel like making more madmenyourself avatars!

  4. It “Stays on everyone’s desk” because everyone needs the extra inch and the ruler never gets put into a drawer. You don’t just file something this useful away, it will be your most loved desk top tool. What would make a better tool than an extra inch.

    Thank you for the great link, too bad I don’t use a desk anymore.

  5. Oh, ok. Thanks for clarifying that olde tymie sort of logic.

    “What would make a better tool than an extra inch?” 😆

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