BoA Fail Celebration

I’m glad BoA’s stock tumbled. They were jerks. Unbelievable jerks.

A few years ago Stan contacted them regarding a charge on his account, wondering if he could do a chargeback because the company kept sending him defective merchandise and that company was being jerks about refunding his money. While BoA had him on the line, they asked him if he would like to hold and see if he would be eligible for a better credit deal. He agreed. Well, they checked his account and came back with an answer: No. In fact, they actually RAISED his interest rates! No, they didn’t just leave his account the way it was, they raised his rates!

Total f&@%!#& a$$#@!#$

He cancelled the card.

I hope they FAIL FAIL FAIL. If they treat all their customers like this, no wonder why their stocks are plummeting.

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12 thoughts on “BoA Fail Celebration

  1. They tricked me by saying we could get me a better deal and then gave me a worse one.

    There was also a 2 dollar charge on my account that I didn’t make, and it was probably a floated charge by someone wanting to make a much larger fraud charge on my account. I told them they needed to send me an affidavit, and they refused. In fact I had a hard time getting them to stop the 2 dollar and soon to follow larger charge.

    It looks like they want me to suffer large charge against my account even though it was fraud.

    An aunt of mine told me a horror story about the bank trying to continue to collect on a paid off mortgage. She said they were verbally abusive to her and it was over a year before she could get them to stop calling her.

    This bank is no bank they are crooks and steal money from widows or verbally abuse them if it doesn’t work.

  2. Hi Dawn! Love your Unicorn!

    CC companies get away w/robbery with their rates. They totally need to be regulated. No reason on earth to charge people what they are charging.

  3. BTW, I was thinking- this new “thing” on FB is to remember when and “you know your from ‘insert town’ if…” got me in remembering mode! I remember coming back to your site every week to see what new goodie of awesomeness you made and thinking , how the heck did she do that? And then I realized, I probably been stalking you (off and on) longer than anyone else on the internet, and I have quite a few friends that go way back. Y’all just go way back-er. 😀 I wish I could give you a prize or something but the best I can do is say that yours was my favorite graphic site and that your musings/blogging and art truly impacted my life. I even had two of your jewelry creations, but managed to lose them somehow during my divorce years. Isn’t it funny how things come to pass? Websites come and go, but some people are just never forgotten.

  4. Wow! I was just thinking that there’s an overabundance of green/blue unicorns which is due to the color system on computers (which takes a long post in itself to explain it, which I might do some day if I have time) but not enough orangey-red unicorns, and here’s a really nice orangey-brown unicorn with a reddish maroon background!

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