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August 2011
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I Killed a Man Dream

I was in some strange setting, like a university reminiscent of the ones I attended. It was confusing, lots of people milling around, but in a classroom at the same time. There was one big guy who kept tormenting me, sticking his finger in my nose and mouth after he had picked his nose. He was giggling. Other things were making me feel bad, like the instructor would ask us to raise our hands if we had been told we had perfect noses. People with the dumbest looking noses would raise their hands. I, of course, did not raise my hand. There were other things happening that I did not like, but I cannot remember them. It was as if maybe I wasn’t dreaming about me, but I was in a movie, a very sad movie. I felt the need for violence, so I attack some guy (not the nose picker) while he was waiting for an elevator. I had a broom handle or a pool cue, I don’t know which, and I just start swinging it at him. It was in slow motion, I could not swing the thing very fast or with a lot of force, but he is getting beaten down anyway. Then the door to the elevator opens, which is just an elevator shaft, and I push him into it atop some machinery. He’s still alive, so I take the pool cue/broom handle and stab it into his body. I then walk away feeling no remorse.

Then the dream continues and it’s like it’s the next day when people have found out he is dead. There’s this big portrait of his face partially covered hanging in a large atrium. People are walking by me, as if they know I am his murderer, giving me dirty looks. Someone is telling me how they found his body and isn’t it sad? The strange thing is they take me by a wastebasket that people are treating like a shrine, and I can see his head is in there. I don’t know why it got there, but it also means perhaps they are examining his body for details about the killing, and it’s not just an unsolved case. The guy I had killed was not a bad person, I don’t know why I killed him. I woke up crying. I was very sad.

6 Responses to I Killed a Man Dream

  • Stan says:

    It is a sad dream, and I’m sorry the dream turned out this way. I don’t know what it could mean other than stress. I’m probably stressing you by being sickly, from my spider bite condition and side effects from medication too. sorry πŸ˜₯

  • Leon says:

    That’s a really strange and awful dream.

    But I’m afraid if I were to tell of my dreams here they’d all be like this, or they’d be weird and sexual and you’d think I was some kind of psycho.

    Fortunatley I can’t remember most of my dreams.

    So that’s why I haven’t blogged my dreams. But you are brave to do it.

  • Stan says:

    I’ve had a lot of dreams that someone is trying to kill me and a few times they have done it. I killed 2 snakes in my dreams in different dreams and have been eaten by a wolf, but never killed a person in my dreams. I’m not very good at remembering dreams when I wake up and it is impressive how good you are at remembering, Ann.

  • Ann says:

    Well, Leon, if you do ever remember one, feel free to enter it here. Just make sure to mark it as a dream so that people know you really aren’t a psycho, you just dream like one.

    Stan, what happens after they kill you? Do you wake up? I might have had a few dreams like that, but usually it’s me doing the killing.

  • Leon says:

    “Just make sure to mark it as a dream so that people know you really aren’t a psycho, you just dream like one.” πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    Stan, that’s horrible (the dreams)! Killing snakes? πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ 😑 πŸ˜₯

  • Stan says:

    The snake dreams were giant snakes who wanted to kill me, not the innocent wild varieties. The two of them hunted me for years in my dreams, until I started hunting them. I’m not sure what it means.

    After dieing in dreams I wake up, usually I wake up just a split second before I actually die.

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