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Dream: More Bad Times in Colorado

I was at a combination of a Chinese restaurant and my mother-in-law’s house. It didn’t look at all like her house, and it had a basement. But somehow it was her house.

I was sitting at a table and there was an older Chinese man there, which is why I think it was partly a Chinese restaurant. There were pictures, photos behind glass on the wall. I was facing them. The man was sitting at the table with me, and then he gets up and looks at one of the pictures and says the glass is broken. It had just happened while we were sitting there.
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Role Reversal

My dad is getting hard of hearing. I mean REALLY hard of hearing. It’s been progressing for the past 20 years or more. He’s a stubborn old guy who will not get himself a hearing aid. So when he watches TV he has it turned up to 11. Fortunately, he’s not a big TV watcher. I should be grateful for that. But there’s always the evening news and the news before bed. Then both he and mom fall asleep in front of the TV and it’ll sometimes stay on until the wee hours of the morning unless one of them wakes up and turns it off. Continue reading Role Reversal

Dreams with **Dead People**: Giant Cluster#*@% Dreams

Several Dreams last night. Some with dead people. What a mess.

First dream was with my **grandmother** (mom’s mom). IRL she was pretty happy and always smiled at me, but in the dream it was as if she didn’t really know who I was. I would smile at her, but she didn’t smile back. Her eyes had dark circles under them. It was as if she was scared I was there to harm her.
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Construction Dream

I dreamt that Stan had hired some guys to work on our house on the inside. I don’t know what they were doing, but they were in the kitchen on stepladders working on something on the ceiling. I also was looking at the house from outside in a car, and it had more windows which were all different shapes and sizes, and it was brick, not wood frame. It also looked like one of those old corner buildings with a business on the first floor and living quarters on the second, but ours had been converted into two floors of living.

There was more to the dream, but I can’t unravel it from my memory right now…probably was one of those really difficult to describe scenes.

Codename: Harvest

I don’t know how we got on this subject, but I was talking to my mom the other day and she started telling me about how she and dad would give us kids nicknames before we were born, before she knew our genders. It’s sort of like when software companies are working on a new release of software, or when film directors are working on a movie, before they know what they’re going to officially call it, like a codename.

I had a codename. This is so embarrassing but kind of funny at the same time.

My codename was “Harvest.” Isn’t that awful? I was named after the season they were expecting me to be born in. Good thing the name didn’t stick and I only had it for a few months before I was conscious.

Olsen was “Solstice.” Marla was “Independence.” Melanie was “Mayfly” and Lamar was “Windy.” I’ll have to give the guy a hard time about that. His codename is worse than mine.


I dreamt I had a job like the one I had at Stinko’s a long ago, except I got promoted to some sort of managerial position. The weird thing was it was more like a restaurant. I was trying to find something to do behind the counter, and decided to start decorating.

OK, whose dream is this?

Anyway, I wanted someone to fix me a meal there, and I had to order it on some kind of cross between a smart phone and a handheld calculator.

Later, I was sitting down and discussing fashion colors with a bunch of women.

Like I said, whose dream is this?

Words like “aqua” “turquoise” and “chartreuse” came up a lot. Are those in this season?

The night before last I had a dream that my dad was in the hospital, but instead of being an 80 year old man, he looked like an achondroplasia dwarf of about half his age. Weird.

I know there was more to both dreams, but I can’t remember now.

No More Mister Nice Guy

This is getting creepy. “Amber” called me up again and said that she understands why I don’t want to do the xeriscaping for her mobile home lot because she doesn’t own it.

Initially, I was relieved that she grasped that concept. But then she says that the manager (or was it owner? I can’t remember) is a really cool guy and he would like to have something like that done to his entire court, you know, to bring a classier look to the place.
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Blah Blah Black Sheep

I don’t know what my parents truly think about Marla and her Motor Sports for Jesus lifestyle. It’s certainly not like their own. And as difficult as it was to accept my various ch-ch-ch-changes and chameleonic embrace of all musics contemporary, loud, dark, and anti-establishment, I really want to think they were ok with that. It’s not like I got into the drug scene. Oh sure, I experimented back in college as did most everyone I knew. Marla, on the other hand, got into the Mass Opiates and remains an addict to this day, an ideology that is counter to that of my clean, drug-free lifestyle of my parents. Continue reading Blah Blah Black Sheep

One Month Earlier…8.19.11 part 3

Just returned from a trip to the store to buy supplies for our time here.

Hey, how’s that 30-year old 1980s bleached blond muppet top mullet rock and roll hairstyle working out for you, lady at the pet store? Is your daughter embarrassed of you? Let’s hope she rebels and becomes a librarian…just like how I hope the Duggar girls to rebel and become alternative rock musicians.
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The Sponge

Back in the earlier days of our relationship, I purchased a package of sponges at the grocery store one day. Shar and I were trying to live in a green way, and I thought I’d do my part and buy something reusable for cleaning up kitchen spills. I was in the habit of using paper towels, but thought that was just some remnant of being a lazy guy. So not wanting to kill trees, I bought the sponges.
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Four Weeks Earlier…8.20.11 part 2

Yesterday we bought 3 more coleus. So now we have 11 new plants to bring home to Madison. I’m addicted. Ooops…just checked my coleus pictures on flickr…looks like I doubled-up on one. Oh well.


I think Ridgway, Colorado, would be a nice place to live if one were forced to live in Colorado but could live anywhere they chose. The triage nurse at the hospital mentioned it’s progressive and more expensive. It keeps getting built up each time we drive through, however it’s not built up in a cheesey corporate town with TGI McFunsters and HellMarts and Scumbucks. Maybe there’s actual liberals there.