A Few Days Ago…9.5.11

I have one full day left. I am short of breath, and I don’t know whether it is from all the allergies I’ve been experiencing…general Colorado growing plant allergies which are much worse than Wisconsin allergies, and dust from the basement…or from just being plain exhausted from all the BS.

There are so many things to document, but I don’t know if I want to do it all here, or if I can even remember everything.

Stan killed a spider in the bathroom downstairs today. Hobo spider, same type that he believes bit him. I think she’ll have to get an exterminator. A bug bomb won’t work in her case since you have to be gone for 4 hours. Ain’t gonna happen.

OK, here’s some highlights in no particular order:

Ate with Stan’s sister and her family at the Armadillo yesterday evening. Food good (I’m not sure if they liked it though), but service lousy just like when we ate there during the first leg of this trip. Bathroom in disrepair. Someone please fix the toilets! Marcia and I accidentally walked into an empty men’s room because she read “Señores” as “Señoras.” I was just following her. I’ve forgotten Spanish, but isn’t the plural “Señors”? What do I know. It was pretty funny though, seeing those rows of urinals. Fortunately, it was just us so there was no man to be embarrassed.

Saturday Stan and I went to the Ethiopian restaurant. It was delicious.

This morning we went to Panera’s because the library is closed on Labor Day. I have to check my email every day to see if I’ve gotten any sales I need to process. I’m sure this eludes her. I did my damndest to get her info on high speed to no avail. Next year when I come here, I’ll have to go to the library every morning again. And it will take up time. But she hardly notices because she takes forever eating breakfast.

We have been relegated to eating our breakfast either outside or on the couch because the dining room table has been taken up with newspapers and brochures. Now I don’t have a regular dining room table at my house either, but this is a new twist here. And rather awkward. It’s at least easy at my house to eat on the couch.

She asked us if we wanted a heater in the basement the other night because it would get into the upper 40s (outside). Bloody hell. We said no, of course, and she couldn’t understand it. Most nights I sleep without a cover or I sweat with one on. She got air conditioning, but she rarely uses it, and the upstairs is suffocating. The windows are all closed because it is either too hot or too cold for her. As Elaine said in Florida, SOMEONE OPEN A WINDOW!

I usually deal with her with Stan as our intermediary. I try to help, but my help goes unwanted. I try to remedy situations and she cries and throws a tantrum. Stan has taught me to just walk away when that happens. No human should have to go through this crap. It gets worse and worse every year.

You know, I’m really tired of moody drama queen females. That’s why I like hanging around men better.

I hope I didn’t f*ck things up for the city recycling. I hope I didn’t toss some things in the wrong bins. Ooops.

One thing I do like about this city are the bike trails that they didn’t have here when I lived here. Our biking has been limited due to Stan’s antibiotic use in Montrose (no Montrose biking) and the BS factor here. But we did bike Saturday and Sunday morning down by the river. We saw a fox and a crane. Fun stuff.

My back hurts. I have to write this sitting on the bed downstairs. No back support. There is no where to sit down here. I could go upstairs, but it’s stuffy and hot.

This is pure and absolute hell. Montrose was fun. But this is hell.

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3 thoughts on “A Few Days Ago…9.5.11

  1. I’m sorry your mom doesn’t seem to recognize that you are trying to communicate with her about her needs.

    I loved riding on those bike trails and they would be great places to walk dogs too.

  2. We’ll definitely try to do that, Leon.

    Stan, those bike trails were great. That’s the good stuff about Fort Hell. And the many ethnic restaurants. The rest of it….

    And what’s up with those damn stoplights? Absolutely ridiculous waste of time.

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