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September 2011
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Trip Afterthought 2

Oh how I missed the dog snuggle.

This morning is the first time since before the trip that I’ve been able to sit down on the couch with my morning coffee and snuggle with one dog on either side of me…Jasper on the left, Lucifer Sam on the right. I missed that so much.

Dogs were not allowed on furniture at my mom’s, and ever since she got knocked down (did I write about that? I didn’t? Ooops…my bad) by Jasper, we only took him upstairs when he was on a leash, and only on our way to outside, and only when we didn’t see her around.

There really was no way to snuggle with him in the bedroom downstairs because the beds were too small and the bedroom had the cat’s litter pan in it, which they found more interesting than snuggling.

Although Stan’s mom did allow dogs on the couch, and he did snuggle with Stan a bit, my morning dog snuggle is definitely based around me using my laptop, and since we couldn’t figure out how to use her system wirelessly (they didn’t even know the password), I didn’t use my computer on the couch that much. And when I did, he was on the other side of me and not snuggling like he does at home.

Sometimes I wish we could have a huge dog crate that could contain a human so when we travel I could be in back with the dogs.

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