One Month Earlier…8.19.11 part 3

Just returned from a trip to the store to buy supplies for our time here.

Hey, how’s that 30-year old 1980s bleached blond muppet top mullet rock and roll hairstyle working out for you, lady at the pet store? Is your daughter embarrassed of you? Let’s hope she rebels and becomes a librarian…just like how I hope the Duggar girls to rebel and become alternative rock musicians.

JC Penney’s in Montrose was like a trip to Fort Hell. Mating calls of the female of the species.

I’m exhausted. I’m going to take a nap.

But before I go…here’s a little irony for you:

Because Bill was planning on being in Grand Junction earlier than we had thought, we had decided to go to the Western Slope earlier ourselves to meet up with him…leaving Fort Hell on Thursday instead of Friday. How ironic is it that now because of Stan’s infection and needing to stay out the sun (antibiotic reactions) and close to a place where he can rest and use the bathroom in case the antibiotics act up, we can’t meet up with Bill today anyway. But if we had stayed in Fort Collins the extra day, we would not have left for Montrose at all, because he would’ve had to go to the emergency room in Fort Hell last night instead, and they would’ve advised not traveling for a while.

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6 thoughts on “One Month Earlier…8.19.11 part 3

  1. Ironic and strange, but the few times we saw bill it was great fun. That bathroom was calling me about once an hour.

  2. Stan, that sucks.

    I didn’t get a lot of sleep there either, especially in “the big room.” Cats, lightning displays, computer lights, sprinklers, allergies…blah.

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