Dream: Jimi and the Bulldog

This is one of those famous guest star dreams with a caveat. Usually those famous people pop into my dreams out of the blue, like WTF, why am I dreaming about so-and-so? But there’s a reason for this one. Around 4 am I woke up and turned on the radio and the Beeb was doing a spot about Jimi Hendrix. I didn’t sleep through it, so yeah, Jimi was not-so-subliminally implanted in my sub/unconscious.

I was at my parent’s house and it was night. I was in the front lawn, and I was with someone (Stan? I don’t know who, really) and Jimi Hendrix. We start running around the front lawn with our arms out. We were so happy and…young. Jimi was young. I was young. It’s weird enough when you have dead people in your dream that were your friends, like Tim and Brian, and I never question their deadness, but when they’re famous and dead, and you never question why they’re there because not only are they dead but because they’re famous…that’s just really strange.

Then I go into the house which is much more awesome than my parents’ house because it has levels and a sort of funky modern layout. I go into a lower-level room and there’s a bulldog (it was like a cross between French and English ((speaking of weird…Stan said the word “English” just now as I was typing the word “English))) and it was sitting on a toilet that had cat litter in it, and it was using the cat-litter toilet, scratching in it like a cat. It had a look on its face like it was embarrassed of what it was doing, but it was actually being a good dog. I call for the other person I was with (Stan?), saying “you better come see this right now!”

Not often you have a dream with good vibes.

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