Here Come the Black Jets

Stan has a few days off so he’s working on the house. I had to go to the post office, so I took the car and went to Target. I was coming home on Fair Oaks when I saw this big dark thing in the sky. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a plane and it was huge. I mean the mother of all planes. And dark. I keep thinking that maybe it’s just the angle I’m seeing it. And it’s going slow and it has its landing gear out. It looks really wide. And dark. And although it is obviously traveling towards the airport, it seems to be hovering, or going slower than planes usually go on that flight path. I slow down and watch it. Fortunately there was not traffic behind me. But it seemed like oncoming traffic was going slow too, like maybe everyone underneath it like I was, was staring at it.

Now the whole Fair Oaks/Atwood area is sort of under a flight path. I’ve travelled that way many times when planes have come in for a landing. And it never looked like this. Nonetheless, I’m thinking, “naaw…it’s just me.” It was a cloudy day, so maybe it appeared darker.

When I got home, Stan was out in the yard with earplugs in his ears (I think he was using a band saw). When I see that, I thought there’s no way he could’ve heard a jet, especially since it didn’t seem especially loud to me. I say something like “you probably didn’t see it, but…” and he finishes the sentence with “the jet?”

He saw it too! I was so glad he did, otherwise he’d might think me daft if I explained it to him. You know how guys think women are a bit unreliable describing something…manly. He said it might have been some WW2 relic, like a B1 Bomber. He thought it was freaky too, especially the way it was traveling, like maybe it was experiencing problems.

I’m prone to nightmares with large things in the sky…UFOs, dirigibles, planes that usually crash or fall, spaceships, etc. Some spaceship dreams where the spaceship has encompassed the entire sky with lights are frightening as hell. This thing, this monster, will no doubt precipitate future nightmares. Joy.

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6 thoughts on “Here Come the Black Jets

  1. The plane was coming in for landing at the airport, but was much lower and slower in the sky than any other incoming jet I’ve seen from our house. It looked like the nose was pointed down too much, and I wondered if it was going to crash. It was very strange looking and much larger than anything I’ve seen coming in for landing at our airport. Maybe, it’s a WWII relic and on tour for some slow moving plane air show. 🙂

    1. Great Eno title reference!

      That sounds like some seriously scary aeronautics. I try to avoid planes in all manners.

      Stan think you’re daft? When has Stan thought you daft? 😈

      1. I can’t afford to fly, but I liked flying back when I was young. Now it seems like too much of a hassle w/security and all that carp.

        One of the first things I remember Stan saying to me was “It’s not your honesty I don’t trust, it’s your competency.” Not a verbatim quote, but the gist. Yeah, I think he’s thought me daft, from time to time.

  2. Time has shown the it is my own competency that needs to be watched by Ann and not so much the way I said it so many years ago. It’s me not Ann who can be daft. 😕

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