Really Bizarre, Disturbing Dream with a Message

I dreamt Stan and I were at Russ and Lamya’s. The house was large and multi-leveled, but didn’t look at all like their house. We were sitting on a couch and talking and then I noticed that Russ had his left arm amputated below the elbow. How horrible! I didn’t want to ask about it because I was afraid it would be rude. I was thinking they must have told us about this before, but I didn’t remember. Then Russ was looking at my arm and said, “Just because you don’t have bruises, doesn’t mean you weren’t abused.”

Then other people started to come into their house. I thought maybe they were their daughter’s friends, but they seemed older than high school, and they didn’t seem like people they’d know. I had to find a bathroom and had to fight my way through a crowd of these people. I had to go to a different level of their house, but instead of descending stairs, I had to climb down a bookcase to enter another level. Later, I found Stan standing by some of the women. His hair looked more like it did in the early 90s…wavier, not as thin. I could tell Stan was not enjoying himself. Later, I sat down and a woman sat on my lap. We were getting ready to watch a movie, but I didn’t want to stay if these people were going to be there.

As I was “coming to” after the dream, I kept thinking, “I’ve got to remember what “Russ” said: “Just because you don’t have bruises, doesn’t mean you weren’t abused.”

Amputation explained: The other night, Stan and I were watching something on the Discovery channel with Adam Savage postulating what it would be like in the future with science’s ability to keep people alive indefinitely. There was a segment where Adam “amputates” his own “damaged” arm to regenerate a new one. Probably got it stuck in my mind or something, although Russ does not remind me of Adam in the slightest.

Also, it could be that I had forgotten that each of them had lost a parent in recent years. When they mentioned that when we saw them in Colorado this past August, I didn’t remember that, and Stan reminded me and said he thought I already knew that. (I must be going daft!) I don’t know if parallels could be made between the loss of a limb and a parent in a dream. Who knows. However because Russ was looking at *MY* arm and talking about abuse, it could have very well have been symbolic.

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