Orphaned Dream

I can’t remember this dream too well. I was with about 3 other women, two of whom I did not know and were maybe 20 years younger than me, and the other was someone I used to know in Madison. It was night and we were all going out to bars down on Atwood.

OK…someone, please claim this dream because it isn’t mine. It’s an orphaned dream about 30 year old women barhopping on Atwood near Schenk’s Corners. Anyone?

Anyway, the two younger women of unknown origin seemed like maybe they were people Tim would’ve known, but like I said, they were not familiar. We went into one place, maybe it was the former Bunky’s, and it was quite wide open inside, with wooden floors and not many tables. It looked more like a gallery or dance studio. I had left something in the car of the woman I used to know, so I needed to go get it out. I asked one of the two unknown women about it and they told me to talk to her. But I didn’t want to talk to her. I didn’t even want her there. So I asked her for her keys and she totally ignored me. I did get the keys somehow, and went down Atwood to maybe Dunning or someplace. When I came back to the “bar,” the unknown women had disappeared.

I don’t like this dream.

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  1. That’s a strange and mildly disturbing dream, maybe it was borrowed from a stranger and really isn’t yours.

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