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Weird Dream with Gold Ring

This is a weird one…I wish I could remember it better. Something with Stan’s sister M…going to their house except it didn’t look like their house at all. It looked like a small multi-level duplex that was mostly garage with 7 windows on the whole house…I counted them. (Aside: We have more than that on one level, even counting all “double and triple-windows” as one window. I remember seeing new construction in the 80s and the amount of windows was even less than 7 windows on the house…it was appalling to me…it went like this: Sliding glass door for the dining/living room, 1 window each for 2 main-level bedrooms, so that’s essentially 3 windows on the main level. Then there were like maybe 3 basement windows, 1 for the main “rec room” and 1 bedroom for each of the 2 basement bedrooms. No kitchen or bathroom windows, and the dining/living shares a sliding glass door. That’s 6 windows on the entire freakin’ house. How can people live that way? I mean seriously? Is the amount of “energy saving” really worth the cost of your sanity? Are people that indifferent to the sky and trees and weather around them? Really? Yet I digress.)
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Swan’s Song

It was great to see my sister Mel this past weekend. Since she doesn’t live in the area like Lamar and Marla do, I don’t see her often, and only a couple times since I moved back. She said if the funny farm ever gets to me, I can stay at her place and look for a job in the area. Considering I practically signed my life away to the bank for my share in it, I probably won’t be doing that, but I appreciate her thinking of me. And at almost 51, I shouldn’t be living at my younger sister’s place looking for a job. That is so wrong in so many ways. It’s bad enough I’m temporarily living with my parents. But that will change. Very soon. Very, very soon.
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Tech Support

So is every tech-support male with a non-ethnic American accent named Ryan?

What happens at a tech support center when you have 15 Ryans working there? Because they always only give you their first name. And if you want to call back later with a problem or a complaint about Ryan or to give Ryan some more information he needed so that he could help you further, and you ask for “Ryan”, they wouldn’t know which Ryan. So do they rename Ryans? Do they make Ryan use his middle name or last name? Do they make up a name for him? Like Peggy?
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