Dream with Old Computer

I dreamt something about kittens and puppies. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I think I had a couple kittens and our neighbors (Connors) had a couple puppies, and I was thinking we could introduce them together and it would be awfully cute.

I also dreamt that I went upstairs into my computer room and Stan was sitting at the table where my old Mac (7200) used to be before we recycled it (five?) years ago. Except in the dream, he was working on that very computer. And the weird thing was that it wasn’t a reaction like “Wow, my computer’s back! how did that happen?”, it was more like “huh, I wonder what Stan’s doing working on my computer?” It’s like dreaming about dead people…you don’t think twice about them being alive in your dream.

Poor computer. I miss it and feel awful about recycling it, but couldn’t give it away and didn’t have room to keep it.

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3 thoughts on “Dream with Old Computer

  1. Ever since the folks moved out, I’ve been getting better sleep and I have been dreaming again, I know it but I still can’t remember them.

    But anyway I think what’s going on here is that dreaming is like a suspended animation where there is no death. All consciousness exists at one time, which is why you can dream about dead people —and that includes computers, I would guess— as if they were alive.

  2. Or maybe when you’re dreaming, your memory is really bad, so you can’t remember that someone died, or you tossed out an object, so you don’t know how to react when dreaming about them, if that makes any sense.

    Actually, that would explain a lot, like why you always forget locker combinations and telephone numbers in your dreams too.

  3. It sounds like a wonder dream sequence, and it is sad that the computer is gone.

    I really like your theory about consciousness Leon, and I think there is a place in our consciousness where there is no time – like a part of us that is connected to all times at once. 🙂

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