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  1. I like Stan’s description. 🙂 The pictures you’re making on your ipad are giving me good childhood memories, like those fiber optic lamps and blacklight stuff, but on a more sciencey level.

  2. Things like the fiber optic lamps are the cool objects of the industrial revolution and the ipad is the ever cooler object of the technology era. Sometimes I wish I were a child now just so I could grow up with an ipad and other techo devices. The imagery that people can make with these new things are so much better than the 20th century.

    1. Industrial revolution? I thought they were a byproduct of the burgeoning technological revolution?

      But the low-tech toys/gadgets we had were the REAL THING. Technology is cool in itself, but when it comes to technology imitating retro nostalgia, the retro stuff will always be cooler as far as objects go, and technology will always be cooler as far as technology goes. Does that make sense?

      Remember when Pong first appeared in the mid-70s? They had a pong screen at a JC Penney’s downtown in Fort Collins and I was mesmerized by it and wished we had a game like that.

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