Dream with Explosions

Very hard to describe dream, but I was walking around at night amongst small/modest-size houses, but it seemed like the houses were enclosed inside a very large structure, like a huge cathedral. I had to take cover in or by one of the homes which was an early 20th century bungalow. There was a woman who lived there who seemed Aspergersy/Autisticky. She said there was no where to sleep, although there was a floor and there were blankets/sleeping bags that we could use to sleep on. Although I’m not sure what was going on, there was some sort of disaster and everyone had to stay where they were, even if they weren’t at their own house. I would have been perfectly happy to sleep on the floor considering the circumstances. Then there are a whole bunch of explosions, and we look down a hallway (which might have been outside her house) and see an incredible display of colorful fireworks and fire and collapsing buildings. It was beautiful and scary at the same time. After it was over, there was asbestos and sawdust and all kinds of particulates falling from the sky. I went to a bathroom to get a wet towel to cover my face with. I know there was more to the dream, but I can’t remember/describe.

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  1. That is a strange dream, but the houses sound beautiful. The explosions were beautiful too, but the fall out must have been dangerous. I can’t imagine what a dream like this might mean.

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