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The Annual Pig Card Argument

Every time we go to King Soopers in Fort Collins and present our Pig Card (from Piggly Wiggly) at the checkout, they will not accept it. Dude, Piggly Wiggly IS Kroger, just like King Soopers. We go through this every year, them telling us it won’t work, we insisting it’s worked in the past. When we finally persuade the to run it through, they finally run it through, they’re silent. Hmm.

Checked the receipt and we got $16.27 in Sooper Coupon Savings. There’s our Pig Card “not working.”

Next time, it’ll be the same thing all over again.

Because He Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Using a Ladder?

Yesterday I was outside surveying our parched morning glory vines and my coleus collection, when I hear a beeping noise coming down the side street in front of our house that intersects our main street. I see a large orange JLG Lift Series 660SJ maneuvering its way down the road. (I’d take a picture of it, but that would give away where I live, so here’s google pics of the brand and series) I figure that it’s the city either going to trim trees or fix power lines or something. Boy was I in for a surprise. Continue reading Because He Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Using a Ladder?

That Wasn’t a Toy Mouse

Last night, right after I had fallen asleep, Apollo furiously scrambled onto the bed behind our heads. Lately in the hot summer, he’s not been coming to sleep with us except in the early morning if at all. I turned the light on on the headboard to see what all the ruckus was about. He was pawing between the mattress and the headboard, like he’d dropped a toy down there in that black hole where sometimes Carmex, Kleenex, and toy mice often end up. He was pretty frantic about it, and rather than have an upset cat trying to get his toy back while we try to sleep, I thought I’d help him. Continue reading That Wasn’t a Toy Mouse

It Was a Sign

So to be consistent with and in solidarity with the sentiments of my previous posts, I decided to delete all Google AdSense ads from this blog. I was especially annoyed with seeing an Eric “Angry Young Candidate” Hovde ad at the bottom of my page. Just a thought…find some liberal blogs, click (but only once so as not to penalize the blog owner) on any ad you see for a Republican or Tea Party candidate. It will make money for the blog owner, and make the candidate and their supporters pay.

Monetize This: Piss, YouTube, Royalty-Free Content and Copyright

I have been plagued with copyright problems since I first got on the internet in the mid-90s. If it isn’t some little imbecile copying my original hand-created site design and content word for word and slapping their name on it, then it’s some Digital Internet Content Korporation that claims copyright on my video because I used a royalty-free sound-clip I am legally licensed to use in an original video I created and uploaded to YouTube.
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I have both a written account and a movie I put together about the trip Stan and I took toward the end of June. One note about the movie: I included a lot of my own audio creations as well as royalty free clips included with the iLife suite. After I posted the video on YouTube, I was sent a letter from YouTube saying some of my material my be copyrighted. Some copyright holder must have some snazzy algorithm that sniffs out certain wave sequences, but don’t they know that this stuff is part of the royalty free stuff Apple uses in their software for the end user to use as part of their creations? Jeez. I’m not the only one with this problem either.

Anyway, I won’t let the YouTube legal dept get me down. I know I’m in the right to use Apple’s clips in my movie. So here it is….about 15 minutes long:

And here’s the written version:
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