It Was a Sign

So to be consistent with and in solidarity with the sentiments of my previous posts, I decided to delete all Google AdSense ads from this blog. I was especially annoyed with seeing an Eric “Angry Young Candidate” Hovde ad at the bottom of my page. Just a thought…find some liberal blogs, click (but only once so as not to penalize the blog owner) on any ad you see for a Republican or Tea Party candidate. It will make money for the blog owner, and make the candidate and their supporters pay.

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3 thoughts on “It Was a Sign

  1. Sounds like a good change. Hovde looks like he is trying to get all the playground bullies in Wisconsin to vote for him. Perhaps, they could remake Walking Tall with Hovde playing the Burford, or who ever the tough angry guy character was… Hovde should stop pretending to be a political contender and become the generic angry man of movies. He could have been someone… he could have been a contender… 😀

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