Because He Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Using a Ladder?

Yesterday I was outside surveying our parched morning glory vines and my coleus collection, when I hear a beeping noise coming down the side street in front of our house that intersects our main street. I see a large orange JLG Lift Series 660SJ maneuvering its way down the road. (I’d take a picture of it, but that would give away where I live, so here’s google pics of the brand and series) I figure that it’s the city either going to trim trees or fix power lines or something. Boy was I in for a surprise.

It was there to work on the house catty corner across the street. The one that’s always being flipped. Tiny corner yard, small two story 1075 sq. ft. house (that’s total square foot, first and second floor, not per story). Yes, the new flippers, I assume, are there to work on the house with a LIFT. A beep beep beep backing up monster of a lift. In an old residential neighborhood. Two stories. hell, maybe they even classify it as 1.5 stories because the top story has slanted walls. They need a lift for this? A noisy lift? No one in our neighborhood of two and three story 100+ year old homes uses a freakin’ lift to work on their houses! Not even when roofers are hired! No one, except city crews who do trees and poles. And lots of times they only use ladders for that.

And because it’s a corner house that’s really close to the neighbors on either side, I don’t even know if they can access those areas with the lift cab thingy…you know, the part at the end of the long part where the guy goes in to work? I don’t know the technical name, sorry.

These people are so obviously flippers and so not going to live here. You can just tell they live out in suburbia or someplace with lots of wasteful land with room for their motorsports junk. And they’re hauling around all their equipment in a horse trailer that blocks up the already very narrow street, and other people associated with that project park on the wrong side of the street (you can only park on one side because it’s NARROW) so that it’s making it really inconvenient for traffic, especially those turning onto the street on the corner. It’s just so overkill, making a big project out of nothing. I don’t even know what they’re doing…it’s not like they’re residing the house or anything…just fixing this and that on the outside. And they need a big macho man lift for this?

People just blow me away.

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2 thoughts on “Because He Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Using a Ladder?

  1. That was total dork flunky construction crew in action. I saw the guy move the cherry picker for every nail he had to pound. It’s easy enough for him to put in several nail on the project with one position, but it’s as if he had to have his elbow at just the right angle or he couldn’t work. So, it was pound a nail… beeep beep beeeep beeep… pound another nail… beeeep beeep beeeep beeeep …. pound another nail….. etc…

  2. That wasn’t my redneck in law by any chance, was it? Sounds like something he’d do.

    The crane sounds like mechanical viagra.

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