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August 2019
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Can’t Get Enough of Hummers

Babies named Dandy and Lion.

Scout Fledged and New Egg!

I missed it…it would’ve been amazing to catch it live, but here’s the video:

Also, while Scout was growing up and spending some time alone on that nest, Mom Phoebe was busy…now she’s got a new egg on another nest. See the live feed here.


We have some kind of nuthatch coming to our feeder once in a while. Actually they like the wire feeder…(can we put that somewhere???) cause I haven’t seen them lately…

Baby Robins

I know, it’s only robins which are fairly common to find in nests, but they’re still wonderful.

Especially Cute Today

These little bluebird babies are just adorable. It won’t last long…they’ll fledge soon.

Indiana Bluebirds

Darn…babies are growing up so fast. I wish I would’ve thought to add this sooner!


Emma is another hummingbird…it looks like she has two eggs. The owners have now moved the cam to be above the nest so you can observe hatching and babies better.

Phoebe and Scout

I was thinking it would be great to have all the bird cams in one place…like on my blog! And Stan wanted me to do it too, so here we go! I’ll add them as time permits…this is a really busy time for us–I haven’t even had time to write down dreams lately–but it’s important that I show you this one before the baby flies away.
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Bird Talk

Decorah eagles seem to have molted their light baby feathers, now they’re dark. Going through their late teenage goth phase. Want to see more live cute baby eagles? Check out The American Eagle Foundation.

Foreign Birdcams

Here are some birdcams I found that are not in the US. Some may be in a language other than English, so the statistics and details may be unreadable for many English-speaking viewers. They are nonetheless interesting to tune in on.
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The Decorah eagles is probably the most popular birdcam right now. I’ve been watching it since before the 2nd egg hatched. But it is not the only one out there.
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Pretty Little Bird Cams

If the birdcams I mentioned earlier were a bit on the muted-tone side, I’ve got some treats for you:
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Baby Cardinal?

I found a Cardinal Cam: orlandobirdnest and I think a baby just hatched!


The Barn Owl, IMHO, is the absolute strangest bird in the world.
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If you have been addicted to watching the Decorah Eagle Cam like I have, you’ve been watching the baby eaglets go from eggs to cute babies to…those awkward years.
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