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BoA Fail Celebration

I’m glad BoA’s stock tumbled. They were jerks. Unbelievable jerks.

A few years ago Stan contacted them regarding a charge on his account, wondering if he could do a chargeback because the company kept sending him defective merchandise and that company was being jerks about refunding his money. While BoA had him on the line, they asked him if he would like to hold and see if he would be eligible for a better credit deal. He agreed. Well, they checked his account and came back with an answer: No. In fact, they actually RAISED his interest rates! No, they didn’t just leave his account the way it was, they raised his rates!

Total f&@%!#& a$$#@!#$

He cancelled the card.

I hope they FAIL FAIL FAIL. If they treat all their customers like this, no wonder why their stocks are plummeting.

And it’s 1, 2, 3, Who are They Voting For?

Don’t ask me, they don’t give a damn
Our economy’s down the can.
And it’s 5, 6, 7, Tea Party’s filled with hate
Ain’t no time to wonder why
Whoopee we’re all gonna cry.

So I happen to sort of know someone, professionally, I guess one would say, who said that if the Republicans get elected in 2010, the stock market would do better.

I’d laugh if it wasn’t so not funny.

OK, not to knock this person, and I suspect he is a Republican because he used to live in my area and then moved to a Republican part of the world (which is actually now turning blue, ironically). But….he has a job in the financial services sector. Yeah. OMG. Yikes.

Twitter Fail : Getting Frustrated

I can’t get Twitter to work on this old ibook I’m using while my MacBook Pro is in the shop…I can sort of bring it up in FireFox, but not at all in Safari…and, well, forget about MSIE…

I can bring it up on Stan’s MacBook…maybe I’ll have to use that. Good thing I’m in a multi-computer household.

Also…Google used to have link in their sidebar for “Realtime” which was basically streaming twitter messages from your search terms. Looks like they got rid of that in the wake of their “Google+” rollout. I’m starting to get really pissed at Google.


OK, let me get this straight…I didn’t watch the trial, I just heard recounts of it on the news periodically. So your kid drowns in a swimming pool and you don’t call 911? WTF? You know, they can revive people after they have drowned. OK, let’s assume the kid was beyond dead…unrevivable (is that a word?). Negligent mom is afraid that if she calls 911, she’ll be arrested for child endangerment or whatever because obviously she wasn’t watching the kid or else she’d be there to call 911 as soon as the kid is in trouble in the pool. So she quickly puts together a plan…let’s make it look like someone kidnapped and killed the kid so she won’t get in trouble for being a negligent mother (because whether she is a murderer or not…she is a negligent mother for not watching such a young child like that around a swimming pool. It’s not like her daughter was 9 or so. She was a toddler. So she puts duct tape on her mouth–to make it look like someone murdered her–and leaves her body in a swamp…you know, to look like a murder. Because it would be better if it looked like a murder instead of an accidental drowning. I’m just trying to get my head around this.

Trust Your Mechanic?

A mechanic would not tell a car owner to check under the hood to make sure the transmission is installed correctly and to fiddle with some knobs. However that is what tech support will routinely do when an application isn’t working as it should. Tell the Mac owner to open up the Terminal and enter some code. Now for those who don’t know, the Terminal is a scary place because it is not WYSIWYG. It’s code and commands. It’s the reason some of us of a certain age DID NOT get into computers when we were going to college. It is because those very same people, the Humanities majors, went “WOW!” when we first discovered Macs and its GUI back in the 80s and 90s, which…had no such thing as a terminal. It is why other Mac users who were not in the above Humanities majors category, and who were more technically inclined, had orgasms when OS X came out, built on Unix, because it had a Terminal.

So I had a little software issue recently, and tech support told me to enter some gobbldeygook into the Terminal, which didn’t work, and my heart was racing for fear of wiping out my hard drive. Yes, I backed up with Time Machine right before I did it, just to be safe. AFAIK, my computer is ok. I tried installing the software again, and this time it worked. I don’t know why it didn’t before. Geez.

I Hate Chat

I watch the birdcams a lot and have occasionally found it helpful to see a chat regarding what is happening in the nests regarding the birds. But I hate all the nonsense chitchat that clutters it up. I’m not even talking about the spammers and trolls. I’m talking about the people who are just nattering on about what they ate for breakfast and the shoes they’re buying. Bloody inane. Just talk about the damn birds.
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Out of Children Wedlock?

I Don’t Heart Huckabee.

(Actually, I Heart I Heart Huckabees, The Movie…It is absolutely one of the best movies in the last 10 years…hilarious, one of my faves, but that is not what this is about)

Did Mike Huckabee actually say “out of children wedlock” when groaning ‘n moaning about single mothers? Just what does that mean, anyway? Out of Children Wedlock? I’m taking a guess it means something like empty nesters? You know, the couple whose kids have all left home? They’re out of children. Or maybe it’s people like me and Stan…we’re married, but without kids. He probably hates that too…marriage is for procreatin’ for them religulous types.

Yeah, I know, so he mixed up his words. It’s still funny.

Heavy Sedation.

I am heavily sedated right now. I just had a uterine biopsy done. These things don’t always take effect when they’re supposed to. I always react late to drugs. If they had sedated me an hour ago, I’d have been loopy enough not to feel much pain. Unfortunately, when they did it, it was too early, and it hurt like hell. I guess it’s like giving birth, or the worse gas pains one could ever have.

I almost had to cancel it. Stan got really sick this morning, and naturally he had to take me because I would be under no condiction to drive myself after taking 4 ibuproen and a valium (which is what they told me to take because last time they tried to take the biopsy, the pain was unbearable). Actually, driving back home it was the cramping after the procedure that was killing me rather than any drug effect. When i got home, I took a hydrocodone. That put me to sleep.

Anyway, that’s not why I wrote this. I got this article on biking in the email, which led me to check out this old article. WTF. “converting Denver into a United Nations community.” WTF. WTBH?

You know, sometimes I wish the tea partiers would just go find an uninhabited part o the world so they could make their own backassward paranoid birther country of evangelical fundamentalist truck drivers and let the US join the rest of the progressive thinking humanistic western world that promotes alternative and mass public transportation, better public education instead of eliminating it, and one day elect people to to office who don’t have to believe or fake belief in god.

Bunch of conspiracy theorist whackos.