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June 2019
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Fort Collins…

…has a little train problem.

Just saying.


I have both a written account and a movie I put together about the trip Stan and I took toward the end of June. One note about the movie: I included a lot of my own audio creations as well as royalty free clips included with the iLife suite. After I posted the video on YouTube, I was sent a letter from YouTube saying some of my material my be copyrighted. Some copyright holder must have some snazzy algorithm that sniffs out certain wave sequences, but don’t they know that this stuff is part of the royalty free stuff Apple uses in their software for the end user to use as part of their creations? Jeez. I’m not the only one with this problem either.

Anyway, I won’t let the YouTube legal dept get me down. I know I’m in the right to use Apple’s clips in my movie. So here it is….about 15 minutes long:

And here’s the written version:
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Five and a Half Weeks Earlier…8.13.11

Saturday, August 13

Although this is Stan’s first day off, he needs it to prepare, pack, and rest after his week at work. Plus, who wants to spend a night on the road on a Saturday?

Lucifer Sam knows what’s going on. He’s a smart dog.
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One Month Earlier…8.19.11 part 1

Friday, August 19

OK…where was I? Obviously, I was not able to continue this. I had internet access at the motel on Sunday eve, Monday morn, but it was mostly used to get an order ready to ship. We travelled early both Sunday and Monday and arrived in Fort Hell about 5 pm on Monday.
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One Month Earlier…8.19.11 part 2

I just had a little religion force fed to me while eating breakfast.

And please, OPEN UP A WINDOW!!!!

I can’t stand this “close the windows in the morning because it will get hot” culture. It’s not hot. It’s nice. There’s a breeze.
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One Month Earlier…8.19.11 part 3

Just returned from a trip to the store to buy supplies for our time here.

Hey, how’s that 30-year old 1980s bleached blond muppet top mullet rock and roll hairstyle working out for you, lady at the pet store? Is your daughter embarrassed of you? Let’s hope she rebels and becomes a librarian…just like how I hope the Duggar girls to rebel and become alternative rock musicians.
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One Month Earlier…8.20.11 part 1

Saturday, August 20

In Montrose, looking out across the beautiful vista behind Stan’s mom’s house. Things are going well here except for the fact that we are extremely lacking in anything to do.


Here’s a short explanation of the problem:
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Four Weeks Earlier…8.20.11 part 2

Yesterday we bought 3 more coleus. So now we have 11 new plants to bring home to Madison. I’m addicted. Ooops…just checked my coleus pictures on flickr…looks like I doubled-up on one. Oh well.


I think Ridgway, Colorado, would be a nice place to live if one were forced to live in Colorado but could live anywhere they chose. The triage nurse at the hospital mentioned it’s progressive and more expensive. It keeps getting built up each time we drive through, however it’s not built up in a cheesey corporate town with TGI McFunsters and HellMarts and Scumbucks. Maybe there’s actual liberals there.

Three and a Half Weeks Earlier…8.22.11

Saturday August 20

Went out to eat at a Thai restaurant in Montrose, Asii. It was as good or better than any Thai restaurant in Madison. I had Duck Larb, which is a salad w/duck meat and seasoned with peppers, onions, lime, cilantro, various spices, and Stan had a beef salad (forgot the name). Absolutely delicious.
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Three and a Half Weeks Earlier…8.23.11

Tuesday, August 23

Wonderful news! We stopped by the Montrose hospital today to get Stan’s lab results from the cultures the doctor took. Nothing. Not a thing. No white blood cells, no creatures, no viruses. Our conclusion? It was spider bites after all. Spiders. From my mom’s garage. Yup. How’s that Fort Hell workin’ out for ya?

But it’s great news because if it was Staph/MRSA, that is not good. That would always be in his system. That is some nasty stuff, and contagious. I would always be at risk for it too, living with him, and I cannot take antibiotics like normal people can. It would be seriously frightening if I contracted it.

We’ll probably be heading back next Monday, after Stan has finished his dose of antibiotics which he still has to take because they are open wounds. Don’t ask me, I don’t understand it, but that’s the way it is.

Three Weeks Ago…8.25.11

A couple days ago I saw a dead horse. It was sad. Its horse friends were standing around it. I don’t know why it made me so sad…but it did.

Stan is getting nauseous from the antibiotics. He almost threw up this morning. His bite still isn’t healed. He still has about 3.5 days to go on the drugs.

So much for going places. It’s really too hot to bring dogs with us, and Jasper is too young and into stuff to be left alone and trusted with the Stan’s mom and aunt, as he keeps getting into their stuffed animal collection. And we can’t leave them kenneled all day either. So I guess it’s just as well that Stan is too sick to go anywhere.

Over Two Weeks Ago…8.27.11

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Yesterday Stan was feeling pretty well, so we decided to take some roads never taken before. We went down to Ridgway, and then took the road to Telluride, but instead of turning south to Telluride, we went northwest up to Naturita. It was like a big, bare basin, similar to the area around South Park and up by scary Walden. But then the terrain changed into a Utah-like red sandstone, with amazing formations like nothing I’ve seen in Colorado before. Imagine Arches in its prehistory and formative state, with cliff formations that will eventually change into arches in thousands and thousands of years, still full of vegetation and not quite as deserty.
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Trip Afterthought 2

Oh how I missed the dog snuggle.

This morning is the first time since before the trip that I’ve been able to sit down on the couch with my morning coffee and snuggle with one dog on either side of me…Jasper on the left, Lucifer Sam on the right. I missed that so much.

Dogs were not allowed on furniture at my mom’s, and ever since she got knocked down (did I write about that? I didn’t? Ooops…my bad) by Jasper, we only took him upstairs when he was on a leash, and only on our way to outside, and only when we didn’t see her around.
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The Duke or The Dude? Two and a Half Weeks Earlier…8.26.11

Friday, August 26, 2011

Last night we went out to eat at a place called The Red Barn. Everything was done up in clichéd western kitsch, the main focus being on John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn.

I’ve mentioned before, Stan and I got married in front of a statue of John Wayne at the Justice of the Peace. And it got us talking last night about who we liked better as Rooster Cogburn, John Wayne or Jeff Bridges?

The Duke or The Dude?

Why, The Dude, of course!!!!

Somewhere, in another universe in another time, Ann and Stan got married at the Justice of the Peace, but instead of a statue of John Wayne looking on, is a statue of Jeff Bridges a la The Dude…maybe a bowling ball or pin in the background.

Unfortunately, I’m stuck in this universe. And it takes True Grit to survive it.

Two Weeks Ago…8.28.11

Sunday August 28, 2011

I think it was yesterday when I noticed a brand new dent in the passenger’s side of our van that mysteriously appeared. I was a bit angry, imaginging some tea party SUV driver who parked next to us at some point (but when?!?) whapping our door with his door. The strange thing about this dent, however is that it was a round indentation, rather than the kind of more “creased” look a door hitting it would make.
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