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Art Gallery Dream with Bill and Candy

I dreamt Stan and I were with Bill in some art gallery that he was partially in charge of. It was a very colorful dream. I was trying to find more of my art there, but couldn’t. Stan actually had more pieces showing than me, which made me a bit jealous.

Also, and this part is very strange, while I was dreaming this IRL I had the radio on in the background and the Joy Cardin show was discussing “classic candy” like Boston Baked Beans and Good ‘N Plenty, etc…you know, the kind we used to get at movie theatres? I’m not making this up, they really were discussing this. (I don’t know what they currently offer at movie theatres.) Well, this transformed in the dream to a surreal banquet of candy layed out like art opening food, but instead of crackers and cheese and assorted crudities, it was candy. All candy. All sugar. I tried a few things, and they were very artfully done, but it was weird.

I also remember taking some political posters I had designed (like the ones I used for the protests in 2011) home with me. As we were leaving, it was windy, and one of the posters blew away, up into the sky, never to return.

I’m sure this is symbolic for something, considering the High Park Fire, however I haven’t figured that out yet.

I also dreamt that Stan couldn’t find Apollo in the house. I looked under the bed with a flashlight and didn’t see his eyes glowing back. Stan then left the house and went to look outside. It was quite scary.

Dream with Animals and Bill

I dreamt that Stan and I had Bill watch our pets for a few days, except it wasn’t just cats and dogs, but a rabbit, a small animal like a bird, a frog, and maybe a lizard as well. I was taking all of them out and playing with them. The rabbit was biting me. I was afraid the other ones would eat eachother. At one point in the dream, Bill was there, but then when we came back another day, he was gone and had left a note that he would be gone that day. The dogs were still in their kennels and I was worried they hadn’t been taken out yet. There was more weirdness in the dream…architecture…but I can’t remember…it gets murky.

The Carborundum

A couple years ago, Bill was helping my mom clean out the basement. I am fortunate to know a chemist, as I would have no idea what to do with all the stuff my dad had collected and stored away for all these years. I told Bill to keep a lookout for a piece of carborundum that my dad had. Carborundum is a man-made “mineral” that has industrial uses but also is collected by those of us who appreciate its aesthetic qualities. My dad had given me a very small piece of carborundum a long time ago…about the size of a thumbnail. In true father form, he never gave me the large piece which was a couple inches or so across, although it’s not as if he kept it out on display, or brought it out to enjoy once in a while. Just like with the carnival glass–stored away in the basement, hidden from view, while his daughter could be enjoying it, he was keeping it just because. Just because it was his, and he and generosity were strangers, except when it came to strangers–strangers in the name of the Catholic Church Charities–then he was generous.
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Chicken Sicken

I got a call around 12:30 pm my time…11:30 pm Bill time. Bill goes to work late by his own design, a straight shot down Horsetooth from his hilltop home to his place of work.

“They’re lining up on Horsetooth and College!” was the first thing he said with a David Lynchian delivery. Since it’s less than 2 weeks until the election, I thought he was calling about some event…some protest?

He said some other things to the effect of masses of people and cars blocking traffic…what was going on? Being completely out of the loop at a thousand miles away, I asked….”what?”

“Chic-fil-A!” he responded.

Those bastards. They killed Nate’s. There was also Pelican Fish a few blocks away on Mason. We’d always go to both of them and eat some great seafood when we visited. Great selection of various species of Oysters. But no. Seafood is too good for The Fort. Chic-fil-A is about par. Seeing Nate’s building (which was a pretty neat structure) being destroyed a years or two ago to build a styrofoam Chic was just so sad. The irony, is that we used to go to Nate’s on Sunday a lot…the day that Chic decides to stay closed. Not that we would go there or anything.

I see the hand of the Tea Party in this.

Dream with Lamps

I dreamt Stan and I were in Milwaukee and we were walking through some urban residential neighborhoods. On the corner near an apartment were a bunch of items on the lawn, mostly lamps. They were beautiful floor and table lamps made out of glass, some with a fluted Art Nouveau style, similar to Tiffany. They were just there to be tossed out. I couldn’t believe no one had taken them, and I wanted them, but we were walking and our car was blocks away. I had no idea how we could get them to our car. I started talking to someone from the apartment building and it was inferred that an old lady died and they were cleaning out her apartment. She was supposedly a bit crazy. I couldn’t believe no one wanted her stuff. Then it was like her apartment was there, open to the public with open walls. I was looking in it, looking through her drawers. I wanted to take it all with me. I was thinking I could stay with the stuff while Stan went to get the car. But I think we decided to take the lamps with us, walking. It was very difficult. I forgot what else happened.

I had more dreams the past week or so, but didn’t write them down. Unfortuate, because I think some were rather funny. I have forgotten all of them except for one where Bill was talking in a strange accent (this was several days or a week ago). At first I thought it was Italian, but then realized it was Scottish. I asked him what kind of accent it was. It was a native accent…he wasn’t impersonating anyone. I thought it weird that I never noticed an accent on him before.