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Heavy Sedation.

I am heavily sedated right now. I just had a uterine biopsy done. These things don’t always take effect when they’re supposed to. I always react late to drugs. If they had sedated me an hour ago, I’d have been loopy enough not to feel much pain. Unfortunately, when they did it, it was too early, and it hurt like hell. I guess it’s like giving birth, or the worse gas pains one could ever have.

I almost had to cancel it. Stan got really sick this morning, and naturally he had to take me because I would be under no condiction to drive myself after taking 4 ibuproen and a valium (which is what they told me to take because last time they tried to take the biopsy, the pain was unbearable). Actually, driving back home it was the cramping after the procedure that was killing me rather than any drug effect. When i got home, I took a hydrocodone. That put me to sleep.

Anyway, that’s not why I wrote this. I got this article on biking in the email, which led me to check out this old article. WTF. “converting Denver into a United Nations community.” WTF. WTBH?

You know, sometimes I wish the tea partiers would just go find an uninhabited part o the world so they could make their own backassward paranoid birther country of evangelical fundamentalist truck drivers and let the US join the rest of the progressive thinking humanistic western world that promotes alternative and mass public transportation, better public education instead of eliminating it, and one day elect people to to office who don’t have to believe or fake belief in god.

Bunch of conspiracy theorist whackos.