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I Nearly Had a Coronary! (well, figuratively speaking)

I hate technology so much sometimes!

Morning started out well, a bit muggy and mosquitoey, but that’s to be expected. I was playing with Jasper and then decided to check my email and websites. I have my wordpress dashboards come up in tabs in the window with a bunch of other bookmarked “morning sites.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My dashboards were royally efdup. Click the thumbnails below to see what I mean. I’m glad I took a picture of them to prove I wasn’t imagining things.

I knew what had happened. I had been hacked.

So I immediately contacted my hosting company…er…let me rephrase that. After I got a sudden wave of hotness all over my body as it went into panic mode, after my stomach unravelled some butterflies, after I put the puppy in his crate and paced around wondering what on earth to do, after I felt like vomiting, I contacted my hosting company.

I looked into it some more and some of my sites had also been effected. Main headers, mostly. And although my wordpress dashboards said I had a zero count for posts and pages, they were all still there.

I also did a search for wordpress hacked, and came to a wordpress.org page. And you know what? It looked like someone had hacked that page too!

OK, wait a minute, I thought…how can this be happening? How can both my sites AND WordPress itself be hacked? So I thought I better get a 2nd opinion, meaning my other laptop. So I went upstairs and checked it out. And everything looked normal. So I contacted my hosting company again, feeling a little embarrassed having jumped the gun (but what would you do, right?) and told them it might be my computer.

In fact, I don’t even know if it was my computer. I checked it on Firefox (Safari is my default) and everything looked normal. I had to restart Safari by force quitting, and once I restarted, everything looked normal.

I’m pretty stumped. A real “what was that that just happened?!?” moment.

There’s too many questions I can’t even begin to ask.