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DREAM: Atheist Spiritual Guide

I had a very odd dream last night. I don’t know how to describe this…it seemed as if maybe I was in someone else’s dream rather than my own. I don’t mean that the dream was crazy and atypical for me with a foreign subject matter. I mean I was actually present in someone else’s dream while they were dreaming it…I wasn’t having a dream, someone else was, and I met them in both of our dream-states. It had a strange dark fogginess to it. You know how when you dream, dreams seem so real. Not this one. It seemed like someone used a filter over it. It was like I entered the dream from the back entrance. I guess that is what would happen if you weren’t the one doing the dreaming, but were a subject in a dream. You’d enter from backstage rather than the front of the theatre…so to speak.

Stan and I were in a church…pretty similar to the one where Tim’s funeral was. I have a history of church dreams where I dream I am in a church and I realize “I don’t have to be here. I can leave right now.” And I leave and feel wonderful. But it wasn’t me feeling out of place–that’s not to say I enjoyed being there, but I was there telling another woman “You can leave…you don’t have to be here. You’re an adult…you can walk out right now.” I was guiding her…I was…an atheist spiritual guide! Ha! What an oxymoron…but it’s like I was. I don’t know who the woman was…someone who was confused about spirituality…conflicted with her upbringing vs. what she actually believed…or didn’t believe.

In the dream she actually did start to leave, and she was telling me, yes, I was right…she can leave, and it feels great!

Dream about Buildings and Church

I dreamt for some reason, who knows why, I had to go to the church my dad used to go to. Maybe I had to go to it to deliver something [but what? why?]…it certainly wasn’t because I wanted to “go to church.” In the dream, my dad was still able to go to church, and I didn’t want to enter it at the time he’d be there and have him see me there because I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. I was driving with Stan, and I told him to go around the block a few times and wait until the church got out before I went in it. As we drove up Mountain Ave., it seemed more like University Ave. in Madison around Bascom hill. A few years ago a whole bunch of buildings were torn down on the north side of the street at the base of the hill to do some rebuilding/remodelling on campus, and that’s what Mountain Ave. in The Fort looked like in this dream. I guess that would include the Avery House and all the creepy church related houses to the east of it. A loss for architecture, but not so much for the other things.

I didn’t have that sense that “hey, I don’t have to go do this, I can leave” as I always do during nightmares when I’m in a church. That’s why I don’t think this had anything to do with churchness, but rather something else, like delivering something, or maybe it was a neighborhood meeting (that they sometimes have in churches), or a poling place or something unrelated.