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From Apples to Auctions and Googledywinks Too

Ever wonder why Wonder Bread used Tiddlywinks on their logo? Well, I doubt they did it intentionally, but as a child growing up in the 60s, I was constantly bombarded with Wonder Bread’s logo even if there was never any in our house. I remember a game of Tiddlywinks at my grandmother’s, and the distinctive circular plastic discs in primary colors I inextricably linked to Wonder Bread. Continue reading From Apples to Auctions and Googledywinks Too

I Hate Chat

I watch the birdcams a lot and have occasionally found it helpful to see a chat regarding what is happening in the nests regarding the birds. But I hate all the nonsense chitchat that clutters it up. I’m not even talking about the spammers and trolls. I’m talking about the people who are just nattering on about what they ate for breakfast and the shoes they’re buying. Bloody inane. Just talk about the damn birds.
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Some People Should NEVER Buy on Ebay.

Seriously, I really only visit the ebay store board forums for information regarding all sorts of advice with the best way to improve selling on ebay and all that is related to it, but I sometimes get sidetracked by the melodramas that evolve there as well. Not only are these ebay soap operas entertaining, but they also alert sellers to the true loons that are out there. I’ve had a few…everyone does if they sell enough for a long enough time. But NOTHING could compare to a recent buyer that was brought to the attention of recent ebayers reading one of the selling forums.

A seller sells a brand new wool coat to a buyer. Buyer pays, and then unleashes these demands on the seller:

Please, no fragrance or scents of any type OR DOG /CAT or any other animal HAIR/DANDRUF due to our allergies. Wrap securely using a box. Use the FREE shipping label provided by Paypal or EBay with FREE delivery confirmation; kindly send me the confirmation number. If any of the preferences above cannot be met, kindly let me know PRIOR to shipping. Also… Recently I have had a lot of sellers sending items in boxes that are too small, new with tag resulting in, old with tag. If the postal service cannot supply a large enough box for my purchase, you are to buy a NEW box from a stationary store or store like KINKOS. Do not send me item in a previously used box OF ANY KIND. Dumpster boxes will get you a negative even if the product passes my inspection. If I am purchasing a pre-owned item from you, you need to purchase Allersearch Allergen Wash Laundry Detergent, and wash the item(s) twice in hot water. DO NOT hang outside to dry, DO NOT put any kind of dryer sheet in dryer, even unfragranced ones. You can air dry inside the house, only if all windows are closed. Please use a sticky roller prior to shipment on every surface of clothing, inside and outside, new or pre-owned as fibers may cause allergic reaction. Put clothing item used or new in a SEALED plastic bag before inserting in box, as allergens can penetrate cardboard or come in through seams in box. I am an honest buyer and I ask you to please write to me prior to shipping if there is anything you think I should know about the item or its shipping, that is what I tried to say above…..I sincerely need your help on this, I don’t have money to ship things back to you, I truly don’t,

Seller comes to the forum to get advice on what to do. The buyer obviously cuts and pastes the demands for all her purchases, and she has left many negatives for sellers who either refund her money after they receive the demands, or they don’t accommodate all of her demands.

Seller decides the best thing to do is to try to cancel the sale with the buyer. She attempts to call her and the phone doesn’t ring, but she gets a message: “You have reached my home. I need to know who you are and what you want before I answer, please speak now, a speaker is on and I will hear you. State who you are, and what you are calling for, and instructions will be given”.

The seller announces herself and why she is calling. A voice in the background says “OK, you may call back in 15 minutes, and announce yourself with number 327 in the phone”. Seller calls back later and finally gets ahold of the buyer. The seller tells her the only thing she could not fullfill from her list was that she does not ship through PayPal or eBay (actually…that’s one thing on the list that I can easily accommodate, but everyone has a different MO) that she ship directly with the post office, Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. The buyer says that is unacceptable because she doesn’t trust going directly to USPS for an eBay item, and she will only accept packages where the labels are printed from eBay or PayPal.

WTF? I mean WTF? It’s ok for this buyer to ship directly from home with PayPal labels, but not to go to the post office? I mean the package has to go through the post office anyway! WTF??!?!?!?

The buyer and seller mutually agree to cancel the transaction, but the poor seller (and she truly does have my sympathy) is still waiting in fear for what may possibly be an inevitable negative feedback from this…person.

Some day I’ll tell all about some of the weird ones I’ve had.

I mean I sympathize with being allergic and all, but if someone’s allergies are so severe that they can be triggered just by a receipt of clothing that *might* contain a wee trace of an allergen because the seller owned a pet (as most households in the US do), then the sensible thing to do would be to never buy on ebay or any venue where the seller may be either selling used items or selling from their home (even if the items are new).

I developed a severe rat allergy when I had them as pets, so that if I handled a rat and accidentally got any of their fur or dander near my face, my face and eyes would swell up. Horrible. I had to miss work one day because of it. But I would never dream of putting demands on a buyer: “Please do not roll a rat around on the beads/book/DVD/gadget/thingamabob before mailing it.” 😀 Of course, most people wouldn’t think of wiping their sellables on their rats. But also, most people wouldn’t dream of having to launder their sellables in some expensive hyperallergenic soap either, and line-dry inside (yes, everyone has room for that…everyone has a nice big dry basement). Some people are just so unreasonable.

Hi Me, It’s Myself.

My work situation is a little unconventional. I basically use my 2008 Macbook Pro on the couch (which is actually a futon that performs couch duties 100% of the time, but can be used as a futon if we need it in an emergency) for most of my work. I also have a 2005 iBook upstairs that replaced my desktop computer that died a few years ago. Upstairs is where I keep the beads I sell, shipping materials, and my art studio. I mostly use the upstairs laptop (which is hooked up to an old CRT 19″ monitor that was formerly used with the desktop) for managing shipping online.

Today as I was upstairs packaging up some beads, I discovered I had 7 extra, so I emailed myself a note to add them to inventory (done electronically, and managed on my downstairs laptop). I email myself notes all the time about inventory…”check quantity of this” or “bring these downstairs” (if I want to use them to make jewelry, which I also do downstairs).

I returned downstairs, checked my email and find this strange email that looks like a message from an ebay customer. And a rude one at that. I can’t figure out what they’re trying to tell me, that they didn’t receive the entire quantity they ordered? That they want more of a certain kind of bead? I get messages like that every so often, and I have to ask them what their question is. They must think I have ESP from the lack of information given. I re-read it again, trying to figure out the name of the customer. I wish they’d at least say, “Hi (my ebay id name),” and sign off “Thanks, (their ebay id name)” so I know who it is.

Then it dawned on me. The message was from myself! Yeah, like I’m going to be friendly and courteous and explanatory emailing myself!

Well, it was funny. I guess you would’ve had to have been there.