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From Apples to Auctions and Googledywinks Too

Ever wonder why Wonder Bread used Tiddlywinks on their logo? Well, I doubt they did it intentionally, but as a child growing up in the 60s, I was constantly bombarded with Wonder Bread’s logo even if there was never any in our house. I remember a game of Tiddlywinks at my grandmother’s, and the distinctive circular plastic discs in primary colors I inextricably linked to Wonder Bread. Continue reading From Apples to Auctions and Googledywinks Too

Twitter Fail : Getting Frustrated

I can’t get Twitter to work on this old ibook I’m using while my MacBook Pro is in the shop…I can sort of bring it up in FireFox, but not at all in Safari…and, well, forget about MSIE…

I can bring it up on Stan’s MacBook…maybe I’ll have to use that. Good thing I’m in a multi-computer household.

Also…Google used to have link in their sidebar for “Realtime” which was basically streaming twitter messages from your search terms. Looks like they got rid of that in the wake of their “Google+” rollout. I’m starting to get really pissed at Google.

Arrest Scott Walker

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Remember this poster I made and carried one night? It’s a screenshot of the Psychic Google Search box. You plug in the term “Scott Walker is” and it reads your mind. Well, Google never ceases to amaze. This morning I decided for the hell of it to enter the word “arrest” followed by a space in the Google Search box, and whaddyaknow, “Arrest Scott Walker” is the first suggestion it shows. Amazing.

Edited to add: The same thing happens with the word “impeach.” And of course, good old “recall.” Try it.

Fun With Google

Use the Google search box in the toolbar of your browser. Type an S. Then type a C.

Scott Walker!

Now, using the down arrow on your keyboard, select Scott Walker. Then, use the right arrow on your keyboard to move to the right of his name. Then type a space and the word “is”.


Just a note…it won’t work with Bing or Yahoo search. They’re a little…behind the times.