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I Heart My “Union Thug” and “Protesting Slob”

It’s bad enough with some extreme right-wingers calling us “Union Thugs,” but now Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman has called the protesters “slobs*.” OK, so take back these words! I’ve designed merchandise like buttons, magnets, stickers, mugs, clothing, etc. to wear and use proudly while protesting, at home, or on your job. (It doesn’t have to be a union job, either…people of all kinds of employment are supporting our efforts to stop the bill.)

See the complete line of my “I Heart…” merchandise at my store.

*He stated this on “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell on 3/1/11. I saw it. I have also been to the protests on 3 different occasions so far within the last week. There are no slobs. People pick up after themselves. Grothman also said it smelled in the Capitol. I was in the Capitol Building on Friday 2/25/11. It did not smell. In fact, I was surprised how good it did smell. Trust me. I’m really sensitive to stinky things. And the only thing that smells here are the Republican’s antics.