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Because He Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Using a Ladder?

Yesterday I was outside surveying our parched morning glory vines and my coleus collection, when I hear a beeping noise coming down the side street in front of our house that intersects our main street. I see a large orange JLG Lift Series 660SJ maneuvering its way down the road. (I’d take a picture of it, but that would give away where I live, so here’s google pics of the brand and series) I figure that it’s the city either going to trim trees or fix power lines or something. Boy was I in for a surprise. Continue reading Because He Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Using a Ladder?

Have People Always Been This Stupid?

Or is it just the ignorance of the pod generation?

I post a question to a forum, needing help with a certain situation (nothing major, in fact it’s not even MY situation…I’m posting it on behalf of Stan).

Podperson A asks why we ship with Signature Confirmation. Initial question is not addressed.

I respond it’s because shipment contains plants. If recipient isn’t home, shipper will take it with and leave a notice instead…then plant won’t be left outside in the elements.

Podperson B responds that it sounds expensive. (duh…Sig Conf isn’t cheap, but it’s the cost of doing business…duh) Initial question is still not addressed, just judgmental chatter. Podperson B also questions that aren’t plants used to being in the elements? That still doesn’t address the initial question I had…it has nothing to do with it. It’s just stupid judgmental chatter “Why do you run your business this way”? from people who obviously are not asking because they want to know how to run their similar business, but just to be judgmental for the sake of nitpicking. Person is so caught up in their ipod world that they have no idea that there are a huge varieties of climates and zones in the world, and not all plants will thrive left out in those zones. I guess the kid doesn’t get out much and realizes…hey, it’s frickin’ zero degrees outside and a plant will freeze to death…or it’s frickin’ 90 degrees outside and if left on a concrete step in a box it will literally cook…goes straight from their climate controlled living conditions to their climate-controlled garage-parked car to their climate-controlled working environment (that is, if they work…they might just be living in their mother’s basement and playing computer games all day, in which case, they probably don’t even see plants grow outside, and barely even know what one is and realize the vast diversity of them on this green world.

Ugh…I’m just tired of the nitpicking. “Why do you do this?” “Why don’t you do it that way?” I just want help with a totally different problem unrelated to how we ship and why plants can’t tolerate the elements. I mean really, are people that stupid to not understand biology and botany? Really? Almost seems like nitpicking for nitpicking’s sake. Someone never told them if they don’t have something helpful to contribute…

Sanctimonious Idiot

I was listening to the Kathleen Dunn show today on WPR. They were discussing food stamps and various safety net programs. Some holier-than-thou @#&% calls up and is complaining about people she saw with food stamps. She griped about how she saw one woman buying ORGANIC FOOD with food stamps. Oh the horror…poor people shouldn’t think healthy, should they? No, they should just eat chemically-laden mass-produced factory farm crap, right? After all, they’re poor, they should buy the cheapest junk possible because we, the tax-paying, non-food stamp public, who is oh-so-careful with how we spend every penny of our hard-earned (never easily earned, as in by investing) money is paying for the bad food stamp people’s meal ticket. Please. She had the attitude that SHE can’t afford organic food herself, and therefore why should some lesser being than her be able to get it? Oh, and then she complained that she saw a woman buying food with food stamps who then buys an expensive candy bar with her own money (because you can’t buy candy with food stamps). No, if you’re on food stamps, that means that you ONLY BUY FOOD that is covered by food stamps (never organic, however) and you cannot buy any treat like a candy bar. (And how did she even know the candy bar was for her? Maybe it was a gift for someone…I guess if you’re on food stamps you can’t get gifts either) NO, you food stamp person shall NEVER TREAT YOURSELF because you are POOR and you must be punished for being such, and therefore denied all treats and pleasures that us HARD WORKING people that PAY TAXES and PAY FOR YOUR FOOD STAMPS get to enjoy.

That teabaggin’ “I got mine–screw everyone else” is totally destroying this country. I can’t believe the parsimonious attitude of that woman. Denying organic food? Denying a candy bar? You try living on potatoes and macaroni and cheese, &!%@#, see how you like that. I bet you’ll want to treat yourself to a candy bar or get some good organic food every once in a while.

Enjoy your moron-elect, Snot Walker too, while you’re at it. In 4 years he’ll have all of us eating roots out of our yard. Not because he’ll be doing some healthy organic grow-your-own garden program like Michelle Obama, but because we’ll be forced to out of necessity like Russian peasants. The poor caller might have to sell one of her cars. Sad.