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That Wasn’t a Toy Mouse

Last night, right after I had fallen asleep, Apollo furiously scrambled onto the bed behind our heads. Lately in the hot summer, he’s not been coming to sleep with us except in the early morning if at all. I turned the light on on the headboard to see what all the ruckus was about. He was pawing between the mattress and the headboard, like he’d dropped a toy down there in that black hole where sometimes Carmex, Kleenex, and toy mice often end up. He was pretty frantic about it, and rather than have an upset cat trying to get his toy back while we try to sleep, I thought I’d help him. Continue reading That Wasn’t a Toy Mouse

Cat and Mouse

Last night Jasper started chasing Apollo through the halls. The way Apollo was acting, I thought maybe he was barfing. Sometimes the dogs chase the cats when they barf in order to, well, you know. Apollo was growling as he ran. I never heard him growl like that before. Jasper chased him up the stairs and he continued growling. It was odd behavior, so I went up the stairs to see what was going on. The door was closed upstairs, fortuantely, otherwise the chase would’ve continued up there to potentially disastrous results. Apollo was at the top of the stairs. His mouth looked odd, like it was dark. Now my eyes aren’t that good, so I couldn’t see it too well and I thought maybe it was open and he was going to barf. He tried to get away from Jasper more, and jumped into the window on the landing. At that point, he was a little more in the light and then I saw what was going on. Continue reading Cat and Mouse